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The Johnsons live in a small country town. Their dairy farm has been in the family for three generations, and although in recent years they have been struggling, Mike - the father of David (13) and Katie (10) - is not about to let it go without a fight. David has his own worries - he is being bullied at school by Wayne Brogan (14), the son of a rich neighboring farmer. Wayne is particularly scornful of David's push-bike, which is no match for Wayne's own all-singing, all-dancing version. On the day our story begins, Wayne chases David home from school, knocking him into a ditch and badly damaging the bike. Mike is as suspicious of Pat Brogan as David is of his son: for some years now Pat has been offering to buy up the Johnsons' farm. The chief money-spinner of the farm is their specialist cheeses: with the bank threatening to foreclose, despite the best efforts of the family's accountant Larry Sharpe, there could not be a worse time for the persistent and mystifying spoiling of the ...

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