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  • Jenna's parents move her to a special community to help curb her rebellious teenage ways. Little do they know that Jenna will be changed in ways they never dreamed possible.


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  • The Winslow family is moving into a gated community called Evergreen in order to deal with a troublesome teenage daughter, Jenna (Amber Tamblyn). To get in they must sign a contract putting up everything they own as collateral. On move-in day, Jenna notices a crying couple planting an evergreen tree on their front lawn. She accepts a glass of lemonade from her mother and quickly realizes she's been drugged. She wakes up in bed to find her tattoos have been removed, the dye in her hair has been washed out, and all her jewelry and piercings have been removed. All her clothes are gone, and she must wear the Evergreen young girl's uniform of white blouse, tan knee-length skirt, white knee socks and black shoes. Evergreen's ominous-looking leader, Mr. Brooks (Paul Perri), preaches that it is all for her own good and that Evergreen is free of crime and drugs and gangs. But Jenna sees all the kids as lollipop geeks.

    Except for Logan (Jesse Moss), a teenage boy who is also a bit of a malcontent. Jenna befriends Logan and in so doing, earns the scrutiny of Mr. Brooks. Slowly Jenna begins to learn that Evergreen is harboring a dark secret. Apparently kids who cannot adapt to Evergreen's strict code of conduct for youngsters are sent to a military school called Arcadia. She spies on Mr. Brooks warning Logan's parents about his breaking curfew multiple times and watches in horror as Logan is brutally accosted and arrested by secret police. Jenna cannot find an Arcadia Military School anywhere on the internet and is shocked when Mr. Brooks tells her that Logan violently assaulted police guards. Sneaking to the homeowner's community gathering center well past kids' curfew, she sees the parents all voting on whether to send Logan to Arcadia, and when the vote is passed, his parents are crying desperately for mercy even as Mr. Brooks assures them that he has had to send a child to Arcadia himself and plant an evergreen tree, and that although it is heartbreaking, sending kids to Arcadia when necessary benefits the community as a whole. Jenna sees Logan being loaded into the Arcadia truck and desperately tries to scream a warning to him about a sign on the truck she has spotted. Logan warns Jenna to run, but the drivers spot and recognize her. Jenna rushes home and begs her younger sister, Julie (Chantal Conlin) to lie to their parents about her whereabouts so the two of them can escape Evergreen. But Julie betrays Jenna and leads her parents and Mr. Brooks to Jenna's true hiding place, telling Jenna, 'You were going to ruin everything... again.'

    The guards seize Jenna and throw the hysterical girl into the Arcadia truck, and her parents turn Julie away as the doors slam and we see that Arcadia is a fertilizer company specializing in waste recycling. Cut to the Winslows with Mr. Brooks on the front lawn, planting an evergreen tree in remembrance of Jenna... a close-up of Julie's hand is shown as she places mulch around the base of the tree... mulch made of the remains of Jenna's body.

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