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Bonnie and Clyde meets Quantum Leap.
bethwilliam30 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Reporter Michelle Carey thinks she is on to something. Police reports are coming in about a morgue attendant who is saving lives but refusing to take credit. Naturally the hard bitten journalist smells a scam. So on the day she sets about following her suspect she doesn't realize it but Tru is trying to save her life.

An armed bandit is loose in the city taking hostages and demanding cash. The Bonnie and Clyde team are using disguises so that the police don't realize its an act. Unfortunately it all goes horribly wrong when an off duty policeman pulls a gun.

In this episode we learn that Tru's mother was also gifted with rewind ability before she was murdered. Jason Priestley develops his character as Jack Harper. The series is now taking shape for our hero who certainly seems to be shaping up as more than just a girl unlucky in love.
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