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Getting to know the other main characters... Warning: Spoilers
In this episode we are introduced to some of the other main characters that we will be seeing during the seasons to come.

In Clark's first day at work, we meet Jimmy Olsen, a shy but talented photographer whose abilities in the Daily Planet are still not very appreciated and actually has to work as a "copy boy" . We meet Clark's boss Perry White who has a lot of faith in him, and foremost, we meet Lois Lane, a photographer who does not seem to like Clark much despite of his qualities, and that we all know to be have been his main love interest in previous versions of the story.

A little later in the story we get to meet Lex Luthor, Superman's most famous villain, and that in this version is a business man of dubious ethics and bad reputation who also happens to have been Lois Lane's boyfriend. I also believe that this was the version of Luthor in which Alfred Gough and Miles Millar were inspired the most when they created their own version of the character for the Smallville live action TV series, as he is mostly depicted as a merciless corrupt businessman instead of a kind scientist gone evil, mad, or evil and mad(!) of other versions.

Something that happened before in the episode but I decided to tell last is the first public apparition of Superman (still without that name at the moment) saving a girl from falling from a high skyscraper and described by the girl as a big blue angel with red wings, which was a great start for the character in my opinion.

Thanks for reading.

IMDb Review written by David del Real.

Mexico City. Mexico. November 5th, 2017.
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Fast Transitions
ccthemovieman-112 June 2007
The space ship arrives in Smallville. What's different from the movie and TV versions is the space craft doesn't really crash into the ground. The writers here quickly go from that scene to where Clark is now a high school student and just learns of his powers. After going through an early mid-life crisis, Clark is showed the spacecraft he landed in, and in that craft is some sort of hand-held computer which gives him his background material in visual form.

We also see a classmate, Lana Lang, who admits to having a crush on Clark since he was three. Her cracked voice sounds a lot like Margot Kidder who played Lois Lane in the '80s Superman movies but it is Kelly Schmidt.

By the way, any comments I make in this review or in other episodes where the material looks new to me is only in comparison to the TV show of the '50s or the movies of the '80s. I don't know the comic book versions of Clark/Superman and all his wild enemies.

In another too-fast-of-a-transition, Clark goes from teen to new reporter on the Daily Planet. (What happened to the part where Clark's dad dies? Where is the segment which explains why he leaves for Metropolis??)

We see an updated Lois, right of the bat, kind of snotty type that Hollywood likes, the kind of person with an "attitude." Then we are introduced to Lex Luthor, whose company ("Lexcorp") makes defense items, like a new indestructible robot, for the military. Why am not surprised they show Luthor, a villain, aligned with the military? It's so typical Liberal Hollywood, where the military and anyone connected with them is always the bad guy.
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