"Superman: The Animated Series" The Last Son of Krypton: Part II (TV Episode 1996) Poster

Dana Delany: Lois Lane


  • Lois Lane : [Barging into Perry White's office]  Chief! I spent a week on the docks with rats and frizzed hair exposing the biggest gun-smuggling ring to hit this town in ten years and what makes the front page? Some sprouty, new age, granola-crunching fluff piece on angels! What's next? Interviews with Bigfoot?

    Perry White : Good timing, Lois. I wanted you to be the first to know, I'm hiring a new guy on the city desk.

    Lois Lane : Is he cute?

    Perry White : Uh... you tell me.

    [Lois spins around and sees Clark standing there] 

    Lois Lane : Oh... hi.

  • [Lois finds Clark ahead of her at the Lexcorp press conference] 

    Lois Lane : How'd you get here before me?

    Clark Kent : Well, I just flew.

    Lois Lane : What'd you get?

    Clark Kent : [puts away his notebook]  A shared byline, if you use it.

    Lois Lane : I take it back. You're not the rube hayseed I took you for.

    Clark Kent : Thanks... I think.

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