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Ahoy there.
monomerd28 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
My memory of this show was that it was an undercover set-up that was going to be too silly, but I was wrong; it's actually pretty good. The first half is mostly preparation to get the story going. Most of the action will happen in Part 2.

The story starts with the murder of a cruise ship worker and then a second murder of a potential witness to the first murder. Starsky and Hutch have information that something is going to happen on the ship's next outing and the murders were to get rid of people who knew about it. They convince the ship's owner to let them sail undercover to find out what's going on.

The undercover set-up seems a little unnecessary. Do they really have to be entertainment directors? Do they have to be called "Hack" and "Zack"? Couldn't they have just blended in as cabin stewards? Seems like there could have been just about as many funny gags from that. Simple usually makes for a better, more convincing show. Still, it doesn't get too painful, and Starsky and Hutch get to spend most of the episode as themselves. (I can't really understand how director McCowan managed to keep control of this story and many others, but let the Playboy Island episode get so insane.)

Starsky and Hutch start to figure out what is happening on the ship, but then they are recognized as cops and the captain is killed. They are on their own to figure out what to do next. As we will see in Part 2, they are going to be very busy.
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