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  • General Hammond has tried everything to get the Senate's decision to shut down his Stargate program undone, but the President personally refuses to 'commit political suicide': the Stargate will be buried. Daniel's insistence the danger for Earth as a whole outweighs everything convinces his colleagues to ignore Hammond's command and dial the address tthat he Goa'uld invasion started from in the alternate reality that he visited. They arrive not on a planet but a new, superior type of starship, already launched by hyper-drive. A 'video' proves it belongs to Apophis, who gives command to his son Klorel, whose host is none other than the team's young Abydonian friend Skaara, yet overpowering him seems their best move, while Sam installs explosives in the death glider deck with a 24 hours timer just in case, but the Jaffa manage to liberate Klorel. Jack discovers that the ship goes far faster than expected.

  • Even though they have been ordered to stand down and the Stargate project officially terminated, SG-1 travel to the coordinates Daniel Jackson had obtained during his trip to the parallel universe. They soon realize that the gate room at their destination is aboard a ship where Apophis' son Klorel - who occupies Skaara's body - is in command. The ship is heavily armed and is en route to Earth. While Teal'c and O'Neill take Skaara prisoner, Sam and Daniel place explosives around the ship. Sam's estimate of the time it will take to arrive at Earth proves to be incorrect and O'Neill is forced to make a difficult decision when the Goa'uld counter-attack.

  • The SGC has been shut down by Senator Kinsey despite the efforts of General Hammond. However, Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c disobey the orders and they travel to the coordinates that Daniel brought from the alternative Earth. They arrive in a room and out of the blue a group of Jaffa brings a large floating ball and leave it in front of the Stargate. Teal'c explains that it is a sort of television for communication purpose. Further, they discover that they are inside a Goa' uld spacecraft that is heading towards Earth to destroy the human race. Then they see Apophis ordering his son Klorel, who is actually Skaara, to wait for him before the ultimate attack. Sam and Daniel plant C-4 everywhere while Jack and Teal'c try to rescue Skaara, but they are captured by the enemy. Meanwhile Major Louis Ferretti assume the SGC and he expects to destroy the Goa'uld spacecrafts with two missiles. Will the Earth defenses suffice to hold the attack? Will the SG-1 survive?

  • With Senator Kisney's decision to shut down the SGC, the stargate is set to be buried. But Jackson convinces the rest of SG-1 to go rogue and go to the coordinates he brought back from the alternate universe. Upon arriving, they realize they're on a ship headed towards Earth for an invasion led by Klorel, the Goa'uld who now posses Skaara. As the Jackson and Carter place explosives around the ship, Teal'c and O'Neill attempt to find Klorel and stop the invasion.


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