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Even with a nice story, this episode fell flat.
kfo94941 August 2016
Finn McColl is an Irishman that tends to be an all around nice guy plus has his way with the ladies. But he does have enemies. A group of men from the Irish Republican Brotherhood have tracked Finn to the rural west and they have plans to kill him for betraying the brotherhood. At their first encounter Finn is able to get away and makes his way to the midway station where he impresses the young Davey. Her also impresses a married English woman, Sybil Allison, with his attractive charm. It seems that everyone likes Finn.

But when the men from the brotherhood track down Finn to the midway station, they tell the others they they are there to carry out a sentence on Finn for betray and killing many men in Ireland. But with everyone liking Finn and the fact that they are in the United States, they rest do not recognize Irish authority. Mrs. Allison tries to help Finn my sneaking him a knife so that he can cut the ropes from his imprisonment. But instead, Finn's true colors come through and even the people of midway station feel betrayed.

The story played out well and the true feeling of the character Finn made for an enjoyable watch but for some reason you never felt comfortable watching Sean McClory as the main character. The viewer always had sense that the way McClory played Finn, there was always something sinister about the character. And that could have been the reason the episode felt predictable right from the start. An average show to watch.
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