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Episode 4
kevinolzak18 April 2010
This episode introduces NFL quarterback Dennis Phillips (Bob Seagren), Jodie's secret boyfriend, who's been seeing a woman to keep up his public image, the main reason that Jodie has decided to get his sex-change operation. Chester's blackmailing secretary Claire tags along on his luncheon with Pigeon (Marianne Bunch), ending that relationship and demanding that he divorce Jessica and marry her or face jail time for unscrupulous business transactions (stock fraud and manipulation). Jessica tries to break things off with Peter but winds up sleeping with him again, against Mary's advice. Corinne is revealed to have been adopted, and Jessica believes that she inherited her habit of staying out all night from her real mother. Billy convinces his girl Molly (Olivia Barash) to go steady with him, and we never see her again (she doesn't like hamsters). Danny makes several hilarious, and unsuccessful, attempts on Burt's life, while his oblivious victim is happily making a sandwich, in one of the series' funniest sequences, a real tour-de-force that highlights the superb job of casting by creator-writer-producer Susan Harris.
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Four down, lots to go (hoorah!)
BA_Harrison1 November 2019
I've just watched the first four episodes of Soap Season One back-to-back and it just keeps on getting funnier. This episode sees Jodie discussing relationship matters with his secret boyfriend, NFL quarterback Dennis (Bob Seagren), and Danny trying to carry out his mob contract on Burt using everything from a gun to an ice-cream scoop. Richard Mulligan as Burt steals the show once again with his hilarious expressions and superb comic timing, but everyone else is great as well.

If I had the time tonight, I would no doubt watch four more episodes, such is the addictive nature of the show.
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