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Episode 18 introduces E. Ronald Mallu
kevinolzak20 April 2010
Episode 18 finds Corinne out of jail,receiving a final visit from Father Tim,who announces that he's going away permanently.She manages to kiss him goodbye,but still remains heartbroken,as she's turned her back on her family to live with Ingrid Svenson,a woman she does not know.Burt and Mary have a close encounter in the bathtub,where he explains how he becomes invisible(even without the ring of power),figuring it doesn't work when he's wet.Chester pays a call on E. Ronald Mallu,apparently the most expensive attorney money can buy,who is thrilled to take such an impossible case that no one would expect him to win.Strapped for cash,Chester asks his blackmailing secretary Claire to give up the new car that she doesn't even drive,but is rebuffed,forcing him to fire her for good; she spitefully carries out her bluff and turns him in to the SEC(this was her last appearance on the show).Jessica believes that she is a burden to everybody and that she doesn't matter,but both Benson and Mary convince her that she is loved,so she decides not to fly to Rio as she had intended.
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