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  • Baby Clark (Kal-El) arrives on Earth. Teen Clark starts high school, saves Lex's life after a car accident, and finds out about his past and birth parents.

  • Clark Kent is no ordinary kid and he knows it. All he has ever wanted was to be normal. He can't go near the girl he has had a crush on for years. Then one day Lex Luthor hits something in the road and hits Clark. Clark saves him and soon finds out that he isn't just superhuman, he finds out he is actually an alien. Then things really get weird. This kid finally wakes up from a coma but has a grudge on all former football players. Then he decides to get revenge and stop it from happening again by killing the football players now. Can Clark save the football players?

  • On October 7, 1989, a meteor shower falls in the town of Smallville, Kansas, killing numerous dwellers and destroying properties and plantations. Farmer Jonathan Kent and his wife Martha Kent are found by a baby boy in a destroyed cornfield after crashing their car. They find his spacecraft, and they adopt him. 12 years later, while in high school, the shy teenager Clark Kent has a crush on his neighbor Lana Lang, the cheerleader girlfriend of football player Whitney Fordman. Clark has two great friends, Chloe Sullivan and Pete Ross. He meets and saves Lex Luthor from a car accident, in which the future super-hero and future super-villain become fast friends. Lex runs a fertilizer company under the guidance of his ruthless, megalomaniac, billionaire father, Lionel, who resides in the nearby city of Metropolis. Later, Jonathan tells Clark his origins from the outer space, and Clark finds his weakness with close exposure to meteor rocks (kryptonite), especially when Lana wears a meteor-rock necklace in remembrance of her parents who were killed during the meteor shower and she now resides with her aunt Nelle. Clark, weakened by kryptonite, gets beat up and humiliated by the jealous Whitney, which leads Clark to try to save his friends and enemies lives from a disturbed powerful electric man, who got his powers from exposure to meteor-rock radiation.


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  • Lionel Luthor (John Glover) is in a Luthorcorp helicopter above Smallville, on a business trip, with 9 year old Lex who has his eyes tightly shut as he hates being in the helicopter and needs his inhaler as an asthma attack starts. Lionel berates him for being scared; as a Luthor he is meant to lead.

    In Smallville town, Martha (Annette OToole) and Jonathan (John Schneider) Kent enter Nell's Florists, where 3 year old Lana Lang is dressed up as a fairy. She offers Martha a wish. Later in the truck, Jonathan returns with supplies finding Martha in contemplative mood and Jonathan tells her he knows what she wished for.

    While Lionel deals with business, Lex wanders off into cornfield and gets spooked by a voice calling for help: then, just when he finds Jeremy Creek (Justin Chatwin) hanging as a scarecrow in field, he and Jeremy are engulfed in a dust cloud thrown up by a meteor that lands nearby. After this first meteorite lands, a volley of meteorites hit the town and the surrounding farmland.

    Jonathan and Martha are returning home, driving past the Welcome to Smallville sign when it gets hit, they enter a dust cloud and their truck overturns.

    Lionel searches the flattened cornfield for Lex and finds him hidden under a pile of stalks, traumatised and bald;his ginger hair is scattered around him.

    Jonathan and Martha awaken hanging by their seatbelts in their upturned truck and open their eyes to find a naked 4 year old boy squatting down to look at them through the window. Having collected the boy they climb out of the crater they find themselves in, with Martha carrying him wrapped in a blanket. Martha, desperate for a child, wants to keep him, and Jonathan tells her they need to find his parents. Martha asks where he came from and Jonathan answers, "Kids don't just drop from the sky". They spot a spaceship in the crater from the ridge and Martha says he's, "Not from Kansas, that's for sure". Jonathan replies, "We can't tell people we found him in a cornfield" to which Martha responds, "We didn't. He found us".

    TODAY Clark (Tom Welling) is fretting over asking his father to sign his permission slip (We see on the slip that Kent farm is on Hickory Lane) for him to join High School football team. Trials are to be held that afternoon. Jonathan concerned that Clark could injure someone during the game and refuses to sign. Clark had hoped he could 'go through High School not a total loser!'

    Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) and Pete Ross (Sam Jones III) are on school bus which has stopped to pick up Clark, but he's not there. As the bus pulls away,Clark overhears Pete say to Chloe that if Clark moved any slower he'd be extinct. Clark surprises Chloe and Pete arriving minutes after them and tells them he used a shortcut. Chloe is not convinced. Clark spots Lana and leaves them. They have a bet on how close Clark can get, with Pete betting 10 feet and Chloe 5, and then they count down as he gets closer and falls at her feet. She celebrates by saying, "Its official, Clark Kent cannot get within 5 feet of Lana Lang without turning into a total freak show!"

    Clark ends up face down on the floor in front of Lana, dropping his books. He feels ill and rests against rail. Whitney (Eric Johnson), her boyfriend and captain of the Crows High School football team, arrives and after talking to Lana picks up a book Clark missed and tosses it to him, making Clark drop all the books he's holding, and he slides to the floor.

    Jeremy Creek breaks the glass on Trophy display case and removes a photo of the group who strung him up as the scarecrow 12 years ago.

    Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) drives his Porsche into grounds of LuthorCorp facility in Smallville and parks outside building. He says, "Thanks, Dad" as he gets out of car and heads for entrance. He has just been made manager of the facility.

    Pete is at trials, having handed in his permission slip. He is disappointed that Clark didn't keep to their arrangement. Clark is in stands watching.

    Clark is next seen standing at safety rail on bridge, staring down at the water, possibly considering suicide.

    Lex, driving fast, comes to bridge and hits a pole dropped from a lorry that passed a while ago. He swerves and catapults off the bridge into the water, aware that he hit someone on the bridge. The car sinks like a stone, filling with water as it does so, too fast for Lex to escape.

    Clark is thrown into the water by the impact and seeing drivers desperate situation dives to save him. By peeling back roof he's able to haul the driver out and drags him to the bank where he performs CPR, entreating the unconscious driver to respond. When Lex recovers they introduce themselves to each other. Lex says, "Swore I hit you". Clark answers, "If you did then I would be dead". Clark seems shaken by the realisation. They vow to be friends. Jonathan arrives to collect Clark, notified by emergency services in attendance, demanding to know who the maniac was that was driving the car. Lex stands up, admitting it was him and introducing himself. No lover of the Luthors, Jonathan tells him to drive slower as a parting shot.

    Clark has telescope aimed at Lana's bedroom and witnesses Whitney arrive. She tells Whitney that Nell is at the Luthors and that Clark saved Lex's life. Clark sees her give him pendant to wear at forthcoming game on Saturday and that he can return it afterwards. He tells her a scout from Kansas State will be there.

    In a car workshop the owner is visited by Jeremy Creek, who he was responsible for stringing up as the scarecrow 12 years ago, when the meteor strike occurred. Jeremy touches him and is surrounded by a blue lightning charge and the owner collapses.

    Clark sees a red truck outside the farmhouse and asks Martha about it. She hands him a card and he reads the message, 'From the maniac in the Porsche'. Clark asks her where the keys are and she tells him, "Your father has them". He finds Jonathan in barn and asks for keys, but Jonathan refuses, telling him he cannot keep the truck. He can't accept the gift just because he saved the man's life. Desperate, Clark suggests that his father drives the new red one and Clark takes the old blue one. Jonathan will not be persuaded. The conversation turns to keeping things normal. Clark walks over to shredder and shouts, "Is this normal?" as he switches it on and sticks his right arm into it. Jonathan dashes over and attempts to force Clark to remove his arm from the machine. With the machine switched off, Clark shows him a tattered sleeve but his arm is unmarked. "Lexs car hit me at 60 mph. Is that normal? I'd give anything to be normal."

    Jonathan decides it's time to tell Clark the truth about his origins and together with Martha they explain what happened 12 years ago. "You were adopted. Your parents were not from around here." Clark guesses they were from another State. Jonathan tells him a bit further away and looks up at the sky. "You're telling me I'm from another planet?" Clark asks incredulously. "And I suppose you have my spaceship stashed in the attic." Martha responds, matter of factly, "No, in the storm cellar". Unwrapping a solid rectangular, polished silver metal block with strange symbols around the edges, Jonathan tells him that it's in a language unknown on Earth. Jonathan then shows him spacecraft. Clark now very angry, says, "You should have told me sooner", and races off at superspeed.

    Now dark, Clark is hiding out in the graveyard and stumbles across Lana crouching at parents graveside, talking to them. He asks if she remembers them and she tells him she was only three. She introduces Clark to her parents then appears to be listening to them as they ask a question. She tells Clark her mother asks if he's upset about a girl. Clark says no. After she cocks her head she tells him her father asks if it's about a guy. Clark looks shocked and Lana says her father has a wicked sense of humour. They talk for a few minutes and Lana confesses that she feels alone without them. Clark reciprocates, saying, "Whats that Mrs Lang? Ok, I'll tell her. Your Mom wants me to tell you that you are never alone, she is always watching over you."

    Clark walks Lana home and she gives him a kiss on the cheek before they part. Whitney is waiting for her and witnesses it: obviously furious.

    At Luthor Mansion, Clark finds Lex in room with dust covers over furniture in a fencing session. As he enters Lex launches the epee into the air and it lands inches from Clark's head, embedding the tip in the wall. As Lex comes over to retrieve it he notices Clark. Clark tells him he's returning the truck as his father will not let him keep it. The session ended, Lex asks Clark if he believes a man can fly. Clark says only in a plane. He tells Clark that when his heart stopped he flew over Smallville. Lex suddenly looks puzzled and asks how he got through gates and Clark says he squeezed through. Before Clark leaves, Lex says that he knows that Jonathan doesn't like him and believes that an apple doesn't fall far from the tree. He asks Clark, "What about you, Clark?" Clark answers, "I'm adopted".

    Clark goes to visit Chloe at Torch with Pete. Chloe asks them if they can keep a secret. Clark says he's the Fort Knox of secrets. She tells them of something she's been working on and then shows them a wall covered in newspaper clippings of strange occurrences in Smallville since the meteor shower. She says she calls it her 'Wall of Weird' and that it started as a scrapbook but expanded out of control. As Clark scans the articles he spots a little girl, obviously terrified, and realises it's Lana at age three. He realises that the meteor shower and other strange things that have happened in Smallville are connected to his spacecraft landing 12 years ago. Guilt ridden he states to himself, "It's all my fault".

    Whitney corners Clark at High School. "Congratulations, Clark. You're this years Scarecrow." Clark warns him, "Not now", but Whitney ignores him so Clark takes a swing at him but Whitney easily catches his fist. Clark feels weak and realises Whitney is wearing Lana's necklace. Whitney pulls off the necklace and places it around Clarks neck telling him it will be the closest he gets to Lana. Strung up on a cross, in the middle of cornfield in his shorts, in the dark and with a red S painted on his chest, a shivering Clark seems to have no hope of rescue. Jeremy passes by on his way to Smallville High, ignoring Clarks plea to get him down, indicating his intention to wreak his vengeance on the current pupils by telling Clark he's safer where he is. Lex appears out of nowhere and immediately unties him. Clark falls to the ground, but in doing so the necklace breaks and he's able to function again. He grabs his clothes, thanks Lex and dashes off before Lex completes his offer of a lift. Arriving at school he discovers Jeremy outside and tells him its his fault that Jeremys like he is and to stop what he intends to do. Jeremy touches Clark and electricity sizzles around them but Clark is unharmed. Jeremy gets into truck and rams Clark, the hood of the truck bends in around Clark with the impact and Clark holds on as Jeremy then drives straight at a wall. A water pipe bursts and the truck cab fills with water. As Jeremy tries to dislodge Clark by using a bolt of electricity, it throws Clark clear. As Clark opens door and water gushes out, Jeremy looks at him and asks where he is.

    The Home coming dance is well underway; Lana and Whitney have been crowned Homecoming King and Queen and are dancing. Pete and Chloe have attended together, all are oblivious to the danger that Clark averted.

    Alone in his barn Clark looks through telescope and imagines him and Lana dancing on her porch, only for the sound of car horn to interrupt him and he sees Lana climb the few steps to her porch having been brought home by Whitney. Sotto voce he says, "Thank you for the dance, Lana". She stops and turns around, as if hearing him and searching for the source.

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