"Smallville" Blank (TV Episode 2005) Poster

(TV Series)


Tom Welling: Clark Kent


  • Clark Kent : So it must've been kind of strange to have a zombie best friend walking around.

    Chloe Sullivan : Yeah, I mean, you know, I never really realized how complicated that zombie's life was.

    Clark Kent : [apprehensive]  Complicated? Did I do something unusual?

    Chloe Sullivan : You had a clean slate to start all over with, and you made all the same choices... except for one.

    [Clark laughs nervously] 

    Clark Kent : Chloe, I need you to be completely honest with me.

    Chloe Sullivan : [challenging]  Honest, huh?

    Clark Kent : What'd I do?

    Chloe Sullivan : You trusted me.

  • Lois Lane : Clark, you know that.

    Chloe Sullivan : Well, not so much. He has amnesia, and he's having a hard time...

    Lois Lane : Again?

    Clark Kent : What do you mean again?

    Lois Lane : Well, at least this time you got clothes on.

  • Chloe Sullivan : I'm gonna go to the Torch and see what I can find out about amnesia.

    Lois Lane : Yeah, just leave Mr. Memory Reboot to me. I'm getting to be a pro at this.

    [to Clark] 

    Lois Lane : But you know what? You're gonna have to put up with PB and J because that's the extent of my culinary skills.

    Chloe Sullivan : [to Clark]  Okay?

    Clark Kent : Please tell me I'm not related to her.

    Chloe Sullivan : No, I am. You live with her.

  • Clark Kent : I can't believe I'm friends with a billionaire.

    Lex Luthor : Funny, you never seemed that impressed before.

  • Chloe Sullivan : Um. You spend most of your time over there.

    Clark Kent : In a barn?

    Chloe Sullivan : Well, normal was never really your style Clark. That was my attempt at humor. Sometimes I crash and burn. Sorry.

  • Clark Kent : Well, I... I could... I... I guess... I can see through things.

    Chloe Sullivan : [Covers herself]  Hold on a minute, are you... telling me that you can see through solid objects?

    Clark Kent : I guess that's one you didn't know about, huh?

    Chloe Sullivan : No! And that might be one of those abilities you gonna want to keep a lid on.

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