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Character actor filled time capsule.
sabacc4 November 2013
This is the episode of the Shaft TV series found as a bonus on the Shaft movie Bluray. It first aired forty years ago this week. Interestingly, it's directed by Nick Colosanto. You might recognize him from his most famous role as the absent-minded "Coach" from the show, "Cheers."

The female lead, Janet Du'Bois, is famous as a regular on "Good Times." The rest of the cast is filled with a lot of very familiar character actors. So the episode is not much compared to the movie, but it's entertaining as a time capsule.

Also, it looks like Shaft might not be doing as well. He's moved out of his two-story pad with the great view and the strange clown over the bed into a TV-budget-friendly nondescript apartment.
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"Shaft: The Killing" was a more exciting ep of the series than the previous first one
tavm10 June 2019
This second ep of the "Shaft" TV show is much better than the first as it has a bit more action and a more compelling dramatic storyline. Future "Good Times" star as well as eventual co-writer and singer of "The Jeffersons" theme song, Ja'net DuBois, is a former lover of John Shaft who's now in trouble with her former pimp. I'll stop there and just say this was entertaining from beginning to end even with the restrictions the network put on this show concerning content. By the way, the director of this one was Nicholas Colosanto, who would eventually be well known as Coach on "Cheers". So on that note, "Shaft: The Killing" is recommended for fans of the character.
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