"The Rebel" Yellow Hair (TV Episode 1959) Poster

(TV Series)


Nick Adams: Johnny Yuma



  • Crazy Man : Injuns hit the fort.

    Johnny Yuma : When?

    Crazy Man : Oh, a hundred years ago, a thousand - maybe it was only last week. Anyways it was a lot of dead men ago.

    Johnny Yuma : Commanches?

    Crazy Man : Kiowas, boy, Kiowas! They'd chew up Commanches for breakfast.

  • [trying to explain his cowardice] 

    Crazy Man : I might have been dead if I'd fought. What good would that do me?

    Johnny Yuma : Your bullet might have killed Santanta.

  • Satanta : You will die. Do you know the reason?

    Johnny Yuma : I reckon 'cause you say so.

    Satanta : A man should know why he dies. That helps to die well.

    Johnny Yuma : If you gotta die, you might as well be good at it.

    Satanta : We will see, Yellow Hair, if the Kiowa will be proud of your scalp.

  • [Santanta's Kiowas have captured the army fort] 

    Satanta : This is our land. You will learn that as the other milk faces have.

    Johnny Yuma : Looks like you taught 'em pretty good, Santanta.

  • [examining Johnny's Confederate cap] 

    Satanta : You, Yellow Hair, you have fought the Long Knives, too, like the Kiowa.

    Johnny Yuma : Not exactly.

    [throws Johnny's cap into the dirt] 

    Satanta : You were beaten.

    Johnny Yuma : They licked us.

    Satanta : Your chances of winning were not good.

    Johnny Yuma : They were better than yours.

    Satanta : One does not fight always to win. Sometimes the fight is to hurt back.

  • Satanta : Yellow Hair, what do they call me now?

    Johnny Yuma : Butcher.

  • [last lines] 

    [handing Johnny his pocket watch] 

    Crazy Man : It's got my name on it. Maybe you can give it to my kin. Tell 'em you found it on a dead soldier at Fort Concho.

    Johnny Yuma : Yeah.

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