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Weirdest Rawhide I Ever Saw!
cranvillesquare12 January 2019
As I understand this series, Rawhide was known for its meticulous attention to historical accuracy (each episode was fleshed out from daily entries in a drover's diary of one year's journey to market). If that indeed is so, and this episode was based on factual events, it truly is disturbing. Every war has its share of misfits who profit financially, or those whose psychopathic tendencies dovetail nicely with the opportunities available in wartime to "get their jollies."

This show apparently is a case of the latter situation. When Peter Lorre graces the screen, one knows one's in for a morbid treat. Completely lucid, and completely insane, Lorre plays a former Confederate POW commandant who killed over 2500 prisoners over a six-year span - mind you, this show takes place four years after the surrender of the Confederacy, in 1869 - and still has seventeen prisoners remaining. Caged in a cave, holed up in an arroyo with only one way in or out, they supposedly man a cotton plantation with no cotton or cotton gins...let alone a rail link to market...far from cotton-growing land.

I won't go into the plot details; suffice it to say it's worth the watch. Nevertheless, the viewer will be relieved when this show is over. I'm going to watch a few episodes of Green Acres to lighten my mood now!
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Peter Lorre as character Major Laurier
ebertip5 December 2018
Laurier, a Major in the Confederate army, has enslaved a group of Union officers, and has kept them enslaved into the year 1869. He supposedly is growing cotton in a narrow valley with no cotton gin around. Hard to say what is true here, summarized by Laurier's line: "I lied to you." Favor and Nolan are the major players in an implausible episode.
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