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  • Louise Reardon (Mary Alan Hokanson) is a wheelchair-bound woman with no enemies --but somebody lures her to a window as a sniper's target. The only obvious suspect is Joe Scully (Wesley Lau), an ex-convict who is her nurse and has been named in her will. But Louise, barely alive, hires Gunn to clear him.



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  • Season 1 Episode 35 Kill from Nowhere Prologue: A van pulls up, a telephone man is up a pole making a call to a woman nearby. Coaxed by the man, she goes to the window, and is shot with a pistol and silencer. Pete answers Lyman Price's appointment, hearing about Louise Reardon and her nurse, Joe Scully, Price being Louise's attorney. Louise hires Pete to find her shooter, believing it wasn't Scully. Jacoby is feeding himself, and saying Scully disappears and it was his gun left outside at the house. Pete's guy confirms there were no linemen assigned to the area where the shooting took place and there was a stolen phone reported. Three days searching, no Scully, Sean walks into Mother's, Pete says show me Scully, I'll pay. A room at the mission lead by Sean produces Scully, but for a bit, long enough to knock out Pete and disappear again. Sean says, while working for Scully, he was sent to a garage run by Gloria, who Pete meets, Gloria is Mrs. Joe Scully, and she is not going to lift a finger to help locate him. A mechanic in the garage reaching, knocks over something, turns around only to be the telephone lineman, shooter called Keller. Pete leaves, it is confirmed Gloria and Keller are working together. Pete walks out of Mother's and he recognizes Keller nearly running him over. Pete is over at the garage, Scully is tamping the register, they fight, Pete draws gun saying level with me Scully so I can help you. Louise and Keller walk in, Louise and Scully argue, Keller orders Scully and Pete into the back of the van, Pete pushes back, knocking Keller to the floor where his gun goes off killing him, Pete talks Joe into surrendering the gun, so he can walk away clean. Hospital bed resident Jacoby talks to Davis in homicide learning what went down at the garage and Pete tells him Louise died from the bullet wound a half an hour ago.

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