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  • After Edie discovers a male corpse in her shower, her finicky landlord (Joseph Kearns, Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace) threatens to break her lease. Leaving Lt. Jacobi to crack wise and console Edie, Peter Gunn pursues the killers, so she won't have an excuse to move in with him.

  • When Edie Hart finds a dead body in the shower of the apartment she's been given while hers is being painted, she does the two most reasonable things: 1. calls her boyfriend Peter Gunn, Private Investigator and 2. faints. While waiting for Lt. Jacoby of homicide to arrive Pete finds out what he can about the corpse. After discovering a name under his watch, Pete goes to investigate while Jacoby looks over the crime scene. In the meantime Edie has to deal with her obnoxious landlord Mr. Bartell (Joseph Kearns) who is threatening to evict her. Pete uncovers some interest twists and turns, Jacoby tells him there's a good chance Edie could get blamed but our Man for Hire has no intention of giving up.


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  • Season 1 Episode 22 Edie Finds a Corpse Prologue: A man unlocks the door to apartment 3, then he and a woman are seen carrying a body of a man rolled up in a rug from apartment 2, across the hallway, into apartment 3. Edie comes home, packages in hand, enters apartment 3, hangs up the dry cleaning in the closet, gets undressed for the shower, turns on the faucets for the shower, puts on her bathing cap, is about to enter the shower when there is the man delivered from apartment 2, dead and getting wet. People have left a corpse in Edie's shower. Pete is home cleaning his pistol, Edie calls saying there is a body of man in her shower and she faints. Pete goes to apartment 15, disturbs the painter inside, apartment is empty, Edie is downstairs explaining to Pete the manager gave apartment three to her while they paint fifteen, her regular apartment. Pete calls Jacoby to come over to see the dead man in her shower. Jacoby goes to fifteen, disturbs the same painter, returns to three to view the man, named Gipson, identified from his watch band. Edie's apartment manager, Bartel, comes with the painter, introductions to the lieutenant, neither recognizes the dead man. Pete goes to the home of Mr. Gipson, the daughter answers the door, Marie Gipson. Tells of her father, a widower, in love with a Virginia Pelgram, a married woman, with a past involving extortion thanks to work from a private detective. Pelgram works at the Cortland Hotel, Mr. Gipson moved to the hotel just to be near her, according to the daughter. A call came from the detective providing the details incriminating Pelgram. Gipson went to see her to take back gifts he gave her, i.e. mink stole and jewels. Pete is forced to tell Marie her father isn't coming back, he is dead. Pete visits the hotel, the desk clerk tells Pelgram no longer works there, she used waitress in the coffee shop, Mr. Gipson is out, when Gipson moved into the hotel, she quit, when she returned, she was wearing a mink coat. He also gets Virginia's home address, an apartment, meets the manager, she tells Pelgram is not in. The cab driver shows at the manager's, he gives the address of the home where Pelgram is driven three times a week. The address is Edie's building, and the description of Pelgram matches that of Mrs. Austen, formerly of apartment three, now in two, per manager Bartel. Pete and Jacoby enter apartment two, guns drawn, no one home, Jacoby leaves to put a dragnet out on the couple, Pete sees a glove on the floor, when picking it up he hears voices through the air vent to the cellar. It is a man and woman apparently locked outside the storeroom below apartment two. Pete enters the cellar and down the stairs to investigate, his feet are tripped, he falls and is shot at by Harvey Austin, who is with Virginia, underneath the stairs. More shots fired causing boiler steam to escape, Pete opens another boiler vent causing more steam and hides behind the boiler. Harvey shoots blindly, hitting Virginia, Pete leaps from the stairs onto Harvey, punches him out. Jacoby enters above, looking through the steam shouting for Pete. Pete and Edie are on the couch of an unidentified apartment having coffee, the painter walks in, walks out saying he forgot his brush.

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