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Surprise ending makes this a must watch show
kfo949414 June 2012
A surprise ending has this ranking among the top shows of the fourth season. With Paul Drake's help, Perry finally finds a missing bullet that could not be found during the court trial. And this bullet will prove a surprise for the viewer.

The episode begins as a regular mystery as Carl Gorman is having an argument with his wife, Alice, concerning Carl's free-loading nephew Jim Farris. Jim Farris is a person that lives his life on everyone's money but his own -so Carl believes he is back in town to beg for money.

What Carl does not know is that his wife has been having a little love affair with nephew Jim. And now Jim has come up with a scheme to become $80,000 richer as he and Alice will blackmail Carl.

Jim comes up with a plan that there are thugs holding Alice hostage. And Carl is to bring money to a cabin where Alice would then be released. Per the thug's order (Jim's order) Carl gets his secretary, Betty Wilkins, to take the money to the cabin. See does as asked and we see her throw the money on the cabin porch.

However inside the cabin, Jim also has another plan- He has arranged another scheme where a friend of his will break into the cabin and steal the $80,000 then he will not have to split the money with Alice. But things go wrong when a kerosene lantern gets knocked over and sends flames throughout the cabin. Also Alice, during the commotion, accidentally shoots Jim and she flees leaving Jim's body and the friend inside the cabin.

Meanwhile, Betty Wilkins sees the flames returns to the cabin and finds a gun near her car. She has the gun in her hand when the fire department vehicle arrives.

Through a series of strange events linking Betty to Jim Farris, Perry will defend her in court against a murder warrant. Lt Tragg will provide damaging testimony that will lead even the most seasoned viewer believing that Betty could have been involved.

Even though the mystery seemed simple and the courtroom confession even cheesy, the show ending with the viewer feeling satisfied for watching the episode. Make sure you stay till the complete ending or you will miss a thrill.

NOTE- First episode with a new opening. When Perry gets the file from the Judge and smiles- it cuts away to the picture of Lady Justice while giving the main cast credits.
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New Wrinkle
bkoganbing17 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It's Howard Petrie who comes to Perry Mason for advice about how to get a worthless nephew off his back who is played by William Campbell who played a lovely variety of young punks on the big screen and small during that era. But who needs a criminal lawyer badly is Petrie's secretary Sue Randall who gets innocently caught up in Campbell's extortion.

Another who gets caught up in it is June Dayton, Petrie's wife with whom Campbell has been carrying on with. All to get a hefty some of money from his uncle.

It's quite a scheme Campbell has when it blows up in his face and we see Dayton shoot him. That in itself is a new wrinkle on the usual Perry Mason formula. Still it's Randall who dropped off the payment who gets in the jackpot.

The final touches on this intriguing Mason episode call for a trip to Cuernavaca in Mexico as William Hopper locates as Paul Harvey used to say, the rest of the story.
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Bullet Disappears From Murder Scene
DKosty12326 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Mason's client in this one is a secretary which would give Della Street a scare only it is not her. This other secretary would be framed because she arrives at the murder scene before & after the murder. Meanwhile there is another woman who commits the murder & there is no mystery who that is as she leaves the scene. Then the cabin where the murder takes place burns down destroying a lot of physical evidence.

What is a mystery is that 2 shots are fired at the murder, but only one bullet can be found. Since only one is is the dead mans body, the prosecution isn't too concerned, but as far as trying to sift things out, Mason is. There is a surprise twist in this one, and some missing money. Hamilton Burger is missing, but sends one of his best subs into the hearing.

Paul Drake does the sifting, & the travel to try & find out where that bullet went. Meanwhile, Mason sifts through the suspects in the courtroom. This one gets a courtroom confession which gets Masons innocent client off. Drake finally finds the other bullet too.
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Suzi-Q ?
darbski22 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
**SPOILERS** No doubt. The previous reviewers have given most of the important information, so there's really nothing left for me to shoot my mouth off about....except, maybe... The very lovely Sue Randall - Miss Landers from "Leave It To Beaver" and other credits. She plays the defendant in this episode, an unwitting dupe used by the always nefarious William Campbell; known far and wide for playing generally lousy creeps so well, that he MUST have enjoyed it.

The guy who hired Perry to first investigate his Nephew (Campbell), and then Betty (Sue), Gorman; is a real patsy, too. Fooled by his nephew, cheated on by him and his own wife, he didn't have a clue even though Perry was hinting broadly that things were amiss in his own life.

Why couldn't Perry have said anything directly to Gorman? His client was Betty, remember? Perry's duty and ultimate allegiance was to her. By the way, Perry scolds her for not telling him everything. She tries to explain, but.... It is when Perry calls on a cocktail waitress, Frances Banks, that Gorman's wife ( a weak reed, at best) finally can't stand the guilt anymore and blurts out her confession; She was always on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Whoever the actress was playing Frances Banks, she goes unnamed and uncredited, and let me tell you; THIS is a travesty. Tall, tanned, blonde and beautiful, she had one thing to do: stand up --- wow! It's a rare occurrence in IMDb when they fail to list an actress, no matter how small the part, and this part was notable. Who was she? A model? Playboy playmate? Bunny? Hmmmm...

Campbell could easily have walked away from the whole thing by hiring a crooked Mexican doctor to remove the bullet, and then disappearing. Instead, Paul busts him. I was personally delighted to see Paul grab him and then get credit for it. Does ANYONE think that Tragg will remember it? ? Once they had him, and Alice Gorman's confession, they were both cooked. The D.A. will probably give her a deal in exchange for testimony, but Jim's headed for the gas chamber. Alice is absolutely getting some serious prison time for her stupidity. It WAS, after all big money $80Gs, and a guy was cold-bloodedly murdered; I'm thinking' murder2. Gorman's so dumb, though, he'll probably forgive her. Only one notable car in this episode, a 1960 Buick convertible; sweet ride. R.I.P. Sue Randall, James Anderson, and William Campbell three fine actors who are missed, and thanks to S.A.G. for consistent depth of talent. IMDb gets kudos for references and information.
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The Case of the Missing Bullet
kapelusznik182 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** The "Perry Mason", Raymond Burr, series 4th season on CBS starts out with a bang of an episode where we actually know who the killer is before Perry ever gets a chance to cross-examine her or him in the courtroom. That's until the final few minutes where were the audience are hit with the surprise of all surprise endings that makes this one of the best of the "Perry Mason" series.

It's Carl Gorman's, Howard Petrie, good for nothing and leach of a nephew Jim Ferris, played by Tony Curtis look-alike William Campball, who besides having a secret affair with his wife Alice, June Dayton, tries to blackmail his uncle out of $80,000.00. That's by pretending that his wife is being held hostage by a couple of mob collectors who's boss he's deeply in debt to. With a frightened Alice playing along in being held against her will Ferris is then double-crossed by his accomplice Stan Piper, James Anderson, who breaks into the house where Alice is being held "hostage" and end s up setting the whole place, together with most of the $80,000.00, on fire! In all the confusion Ferris is accidentally shot by the Alice who panicked and by knocking down a kerosene lamp started the fire that burned down the entire cottage with everything, including Ferris, in it. During all this confusion the person delivering the money Goreman's secretary Betty Wilkins, Sue Randell, who had left the scene returned just in time to be spotted by a member of the local fire department with the murder weapon that Alice in her driving away from the scene dropped!

***SPOILERS*** We all think that this will be an open & shut case for Perry who's defending Betty for Farris's murder but there's more to come in what happened to his partner in crime Piper who completely, possibly fleeing across the border into Mexico, disappeared from the scene! Using the help of his friend private eye Paul Drake, William Hooper, to sniff tings out Perry is baffled in the fact that two spent shells, from the same gun, was found at the scene of the crime: One lodged in Ferris' body and the other not accounted for! It's Drake who uses the US Mail in Mexico to smoke out Ferrs' killer by picking up his mail at the hotel he's staying at. At the big surprise is that Ferris's killer isn't Piper whom we were all lead to believe he was but the person whom, can you take a guess, the missing bullet was lodged in!
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