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Terrific with several poignant scenes.
Sleepin_Dragon2 November 2019
Patrick's brother is in town, and as anal as he is, much to Pippa's frustration.

This is a hilarious episode. I love the almost melodic start, life is peaceful, that is until Victor takes the law into his own hands.

Too many scenes to pick out a favourite, it's loaded with them, but there's a lovely scene where Mr Swainey gives Victor a hug, he's been the Neighbour from Hell, but that scene was lovely. I always thought Mr Sweeney was a bit of a psychopath. Soo funny how we've seen the evolution of Patrick into Victor.

That line, Neanderthal man did not die out, he went to work for Sky. Great play on words with popcorn, that scene is hilarious.

The penultimate episode is a joy. 9/10
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The Party Before The Tears
stevenm-0711728 December 2019
There are essentially two 'finales' to One Foot in the Grave: whilst 'Things Aren't Simple Anymore' is the absolute last episode, presented in a different way for reasons that will become obvious when watched, 'The Dawn of Man' is in essence the final hurrah for the regular run of this exceptional comedy and most of its' regular characters, only Mrs. Warboys is absent.

While Patrick and Pippa provide several comedy elements, from brothers to wine corks to video misunderstandings, Mr. Sweeney is placed into a situation that shows a very different side to him, one which demonstrates that underneath all the positivity, eagerness to help and charity tombolas, worries about the level of fulfillment in his life and loneliness in his old age. It's another sign of concern about the future, death and the end that crops up often during this final series.

But of course, there's plenty of the usual mishaps, such as Victor getting himself very much on the wrong side of a potential new neighbour that, let's just say, isn't exactly the embodiment of suburbia.
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