"Night Court" The Night Court Before Christmas (TV Episode 1988) Poster

Harry Anderson: Judge Harry T. Stone



  • Judge Harry T. Stone : [Harry has to be told about a department store Santa's altercation with a hooker and her pimp, but in the presence of a little boy]  And you are?

    Mandy Davis : I'm the gift that keeps on giving.

    Judge Harry T. Stone : And...?

    Lorenzo : I'm the elf who handles the money.

  • [Dan has to explain about an altercation between a department-store Santa and a hooker and her pimp, but with a 10-year-old witness waiting in the background] 

    Dan Fielding : So, after the, uh...

    Judge Harry T. Stone : Gift exchange?

    [Dan points and mouths, "thank you", then continues] 

    Dan Fielding : Santa... forgot to leave anything under her tree.

  • Judge Harry T. Stone : [Bull enters the cafeteria wearing a shrunken Santa suit with his stomach exposed]  Bull, isn't that suit a tad on the small side for you?

    Bull Shannon : It's the only one they had left. For some reason they had a big rush on Santa suits.

    Dan Fielding : No! On Christmas Eve?

  • Judge Harry T. Stone : [not wanting to send Roz back to holding]  Mr. McCracken, is there any chance you might change your mind?

    McCracken : I'll change my mind when *Hell* has frozen over, and the sun has turned to *dust*!

  • Buddy Ryan : [still amused by what the gang thought about Nick]  Nick - Santa Claus. That's hysterical.

    Buddy Ryan : [looks thoughtful] 

    Buddy Ryan : Although, that would explain his red convertible.

    Judge Harry T. Stone : What about his red convertible?

    Buddy Ryan : It flies.

  • Buddy Ryan : [as Harry is about to take another drink]  Hey Harry?

    [Harry turns and sees Buddy and Nick at the window in Nick's convertible] 

    Buddy Ryan : Want a ride?

    Judge Harry T. Stone : No thanks, Buddy, I'm covered.

    [Is about to resume his drinking, but pauses and looks back. The window is clear. Harry dismisses what he thought he saw] 

    Judge Harry T. Stone : Nah.

    Buddy Ryan : [yelling at Nick]  Hey, look out for that flock of pigeons!

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