"My Hero" How Green Was My Ollie (TV Episode 2005) Poster

(TV Series)


Emily Joyce: Janet Dawkins



  • [first lines] 

    Stanley : Is Ollie going to be OK?

    Piers : He was just a bit under the weather, but I think he responded to my natural authority with children.

    Janet : You see, mum. I said he was fine.

    [removes a 'Kick Me' sign from Piers's back] 

    Piers : He might be a bit lacking in vitamins. He just needs to eat plenty of greens.

    Ella : Aah, isn't this nice. Let me take a photo, now we're all one big happy family.

    Janet : Except Piers isn't family, mum. I'm married to *George*.

    Ella : I can dream.

  • Mrs Raven : I'll have to start going to church again.

    Janet : Again?

    Mrs Raven : I used to go regularly, just to throw confetti.

    Janet : Aaah. I do like a good wedding.

    Mrs Raven : This was at funerals.

  • Tyler : So, how'd it go last night?

    Janet : You should have come! George served up compost.

    George : It was either that or tofu, and no-one should ever have to eat that.

  • [last lines] 

    George : What a day.

    Janet : Mmm, thirty-five ice ages in ten hours is quite a day.

    George : Too far one way, then too far the other. It was like being in the shower.

    Janet : But it's OK now?

    George : Of course. Now, can I make the earth move just for you?

    Janet : Not if you use that old line you can't.

    [goes to the window to close it] 

    Janet : George, why are there five moons?

    George : Oh. I thought it would be better for everybody if I moved us to another galaxy altogether. I've worked it out: it means no more global warming, no need for an ozone layer, and guaranteed harmony with nature.

    Janet : Well, brilliant.

    George : Oh, except for the five-foot moths.

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