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The road to the Underworld is paved with MacGuffins
esdp-3348915 February 2018
This episode is excessively MacGuffin-fuelled, which is certainly saying something at this stage. It's great to see the Scarab again, but of course he uses the MacGuffin to end all MacGuffins to put Alex at a disadvantage. The ensuing sequence of events could have worked pretty well as the concluding part of Alex's personal journey, with everything finally coming together for him both mentally and practically in the end, but only if he had then been able to use his Medjai and Manacle skills in conjunction for his final victory in the second part of this story, and sadly this isn't quite how things look set to pan out. On the plus side, some of the character interplay in this episode is rather nice, and Alex's final encounter with the Scarab (at least for now!) is pretty stimulating.
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