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Crockett falls for the wrong woman... again
Tweekums16 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
While working undercover Crockett meets the attractive Christine von Marburg but before he can get her number he is called away by Tubbs. The park outside a building waiting for their target to emerge but are surprised when he lands next to their car having been thrown from a twentieth floor balcony! This gives Crockett a legitimate excuse to look up Christine's unlisted number and become better acquainted with her. It turns out the dead man had been with a woman at the time he was attacked but she managed to escape; at first it appears that she was a model but after a talk with Izzy, whose latest job is working as a 'boudoir photographer' they learn she was a prostitute working for a high class escort agency... which they later learn is being run by Christine! It appears that she also has connections to the man believed to be hind the initial killing.

While this episode is ostensibly an investigation into the death of an underworld banker the real story is about Crockett once again falling for a girl who isn't quite what she initially seemed. Guest star Melanie Griffith does a good job as Christine; giving the character the necessary sheen of innocence. The other main guest star is Star Trek's Lt. Sulu... George Takei who plays bad guy Kenneth Togaru; he is a bit hammy but still entertaining. This was a good episode which wasn't as gritty as many of the earlier season three episodes; that doesn't mean it lacks action; the final shoot out was impressive; made even more spectacular by the shattering of several huge fish tanks!
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Interesting, entertaining, and memorable episode of the series that's sexy and it looks at a thrilling and crooked underworld.
blanbrn30 December 2016
I clearly remember this "Miami Vice" episode from watching as a kid, plus I just had a recent viewing of episode 20 from season 3 of 1987 called "By Hooker by Crook". It's memorable for it's entertaining story and for the guest stars of Melanie Griffith(the later wife of Don Johnson then she divorced him)and the sexy but now late Vanity, and it even had the appearance of WWF manger legend Lou Albano.

Anyway the story is set in Miami and no one as in most episodes are who they appear to be, the sexy Vanity plays Ali a high class lady of the night call girl and as the episode opens up her rich john client is murdered by henchmen(one is played by Lou Albano). So Ali wants to go on the run and hide to protect herself yet, she ends up as dead as a duck in the night as she's first a damsel in distress being tied up and gagged before being strangled to death by the henchmen.

Melanie Griffith is Christine a high profile Miami business woman or so it's seems and she's a best friend to Ali and even becomes a hot love interest of passion for Crockett(Don Johnson). Yet after Ali's murder it's revealed that Christine runs a lady of the nights escort service and more about Ali's death and Christine's business is tied to money laundry and dirty business underworld of the mob! Typical vice issues on "Miami Vice", overall real good memorable episode for it's story and characters and guest appearances now need I say more!
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