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[McMillan reaches Sam, the Coroner, after a new autopsy has been done on Tom Ryan]

Coroner: Well Commissioner, when you're right, you're right. We blew this one.

Commissioner Stewart McMillan: Nobody's perfect, Sam.

Coroner: I am, usually.

Commissioner Stewart McMillan: Usually perfect? That's like saying slightly pregnant. What did you find?

Coroner: Well, like you speculated, this guy was poisoned. We didn't find it.

Commissioner Stewart McMillan: You didn't find it because you weren't looking for it.

Coroner: The man has two bullet holes in his back, it never occured to us to look for poison. How many times do you have to kill a guy?

Commissioner Stewart McMillan: What kind of poison?

Coroner: Poison mushrooms. Extremely toxic, even in minute amounts it's always fatal.

Commissioner Stewart McMillan: Slow or fast-acting?

Coroner: Slow. He could have ingested it, went to bed, and died in his sleep. This particular poison requires very specific tests.

Commissioner Stewart McMillan: Yeah. His dinner was poisoned.

Coroner: Must be. How'd you find it?

Commissioner Stewart McMillan: Scientific deduction, Sam. My wife talked to a short-order cook whose dog was poisoned the same night he was.

Coroner: You think the killer was the cook?

Commissioner Stewart McMillan: No, I figured he fed his dog food scraps from the hotel every night, and that the poison that killed the dog was the same poison that killed Tom Ryan.

[the office phone rings, and it is a call for McMillan, who gets very bad news about a suspect the department has been tailing]

Coroner: [after McMillan hangs up] Anyway, Comissioner, if you find the guy who served Tom Ryan his dinner, you've found your killer.

Commissioner Stewart McMillan: Not necessarily. The guy who served Tom Ryan his dinner is in County General. They found him shot three times in the chest.

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