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William Bryant: Schaeffer


  • Lou Morgan : Chuck Noland was a big hero. Besides, it's good business. The insurance pays for the damage, but it doesn't do very much for the reputation of the building. Things like this scare people off.

    Joe Mannix : And that's the extent of your involvement, Lou?

    Lou Morgan : [chuckles]  Come on, Joe.

    Joe Mannix : Just thinking out loud. Any idea who might have done it?

    Lou Morgan : Had to be a lunatic.

    Joe Mannix : Or somebody's hired gun.

    [Schaeffer enters the room] 

    Joe Mannix : Well, right on cue, Schaeffer.

    Schaeffer : Whatever that means, Mannix, I'll bet it's cute.

    [hands Lou Morgan a document] 

    Lou Morgan : This the casualty deal?

    Schaeffer : All it needs is your signature.

    [Lou signs the document] 

    Schaeffer : [checks his watch]  We tee off in 45 minutes. I'll see you at the club.

    Joe Mannix : Stick around a minute, will you, Schaeffer?

    Lou Morgan : He's here on the bombing.

    Joe Mannix : Do you know anyone who might have wanted to kill Noland or Roy Elkins?

    Schaeffer : No, I don't.

    Joe Mannix : How about Joyce?

    Lou Morgan : Joyce? I don't know what you're talking about.

    Joe Mannix : Does the name mean anything to you, Schaeffer?

    Schaeffer : No, no, nothing.

    Lou Morgan : Joe, how is it that you're mixed up in all of this?

    Joe Mannix : My client, Roy Elkins.

    Lou Morgan : Who ran the elevator?

    Joe Mannix : That's right.

    Lou Morgan : Oh, I see. Joe, I owe you. You saved my neck once. I don't forget. So I'll give you a tip. Check the Noland family.

    Joe Mannix : What's that mean?

    Lou Morgan : Chuck Noland's wife was getting a divorce. Lawyer she used to be stuck on was handling it. It was going to be pretty messy. She lives in San Diego.

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