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Nurse Cara Guild: [leading Joe into her apartment room] Sit down. I'll warm up some coffee.

Joe Mannix: You know, you're foolish to bring me here.

Nurse Cara Guild: You're probably right.

Joe Mannix: There's something I still don't understand.

Nurse Cara Guild: What?

Joe Mannix: Why does Mel Kenbrook want to get rid of me?

Nurse Cara Guild: What was your involvement with him? There must have been some problem.

Joe Mannix: We race against each other, but... That can't be the reason he wants to kill me, just because I beat him a few times. You said I must have had some problem with him. Why?

Nurse Cara Guild: In the last few weeks, he's been getting certain phone calls about you. I heard the first by accident. After that, I thought I'd better listen.

Joe Mannix: What kind of phone calls?

Nurse Cara Guild: He usually sounded angry. And she was upset and worried.

Joe Mannix: She?

Nurse Cara Guild: A young woman.

Joe Mannix: Any idea who she is?

Nurse Cara Guild: No.

Joe Mannix: When did the calls start?

Nurse Cara Guild: Some time ago- maybe a month.

Joe Mannix: That, uh... Before the race?

Nurse Cara Guild: That's what frightened me. Dr. Kenbrook told the girl that you'd be in the hospital after the race. Your name didn't mean anything to me at the time, so I thought it was some sort of a bad joke. But then came the race, and there you were at the hospital, half dead. When he got to the point of having you committed, that's when I decided to help. If you stop having those hallucinations, I'll know I was right.

Joe Mannix: [nods] The race, huh? The race... It's got to have something to do with the race. What could it be?

Nurse Cara Guild: What happened?

Joe Mannix: What? Oh... I... I began seeing things. A great big fireball was coming straight toward me. I... I swung the wheel, and that's when I crashed. So he got to me before the race. Why? Why? I've got to talk to somebody who was in that race with me.

[thinks for a second]

Joe Mannix: Josh... Josh Martin.

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Josh Martin: Joe, why did you leave the hospital? Are you sure it was wise?

Joe Mannix: I had to get away from Mel.

Josh Martin: Mel? He's very upset about this. He's trying to help you.

Joe Mannix: Help me or trying to make sure he kills me this time?

Josh Martin: Joe, that's ridiculous. Why would he want to harm you?

Joe Mannix: That's why I'm here, Josh. You're his lawyer. He's in all kinds of deals. You know his business associates, his personal involvements. There's got to be some connection to me - something he doesn't want me to find out.

Josh Martin: Joe, you know I can't talk about that.

Joe Mannix: You've got to.

Josh Martin: If I were your lawyer, I wouldn't tell him about you, either.

Joe Mannix: I have to know, Josh!

Josh Martin: Joe, you walk out of a hospital with wild accusations. You ask me to betray a client's confidence, and you blow up at me, that's...

Joe Mannix: Insane?

Josh Martin: I didn't say that. But you're not yourself. Joe, you'll kill yourself this way. Please, go back to the hospital.

Joe Mannix: And sign my death warrant? No. If I'm going to die, Josh... I'd rather do it on my own.

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