"Mannix" A Game of Shadows (TV Episode 1972) Poster

(TV Series)


Alan Bergmann: Jerry Vane


  • Jerry Vane : [after saving Mannix from an almost deliberate hit-and-run]  Crazy fool could've killed you!

    Joe Mannix : Yeah, thanks, huh?

    Jerry Vane : You, uh, debt collecting?

    Joe Mannix : No.

    Jerry Vane : Bail bondsman.

    Joe Mannix : No. Why? Should I be?

    Jerry Vane : Well, looked like that creep was trying to hit you.

    Joe Mannix : Why would he do a thing like that?

    Jerry Vane : You want me to find out? I got his license number. Come on, let's, uh... let's talk about it over a cup of coffee.

    Joe Mannix : Uh, no, thanks. Maybe some other time, huh?

    Jerry Vane : Yeah, sure. Uh, here's my card. Uh... call me.

    [hands Mannix his card] 

    Joe Mannix : [reading the card]  Jerry Vane, private investigator.

    Jerry Vane : One of the best, if I say so myself. What's your name?

    Joe Mannix : Mannix.

    Jerry Vane : Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Man... Joe Mannix?

    [Mannix nods] 

    Jerry Vane : First whiff of a job I get all month, and it turns out to be Mr. Private Peeper himself.

    Joe Mannix : Now, look, uh...

    Jerry Vane : Oh, no, no, no, no. Please, please. I wouldn't hear of it. Uh, consider it, uh, professional courtesy. You know, one... one pro to another.

    Joe Mannix : Thanks. I mean it.

    [turns and walks away] 

    Jerry Vane : If anybody's going to turn up Gordon Cameron...

    [Mannix stops and turns] 

    Jerry Vane : ... you're the guy, Mannix.

    Joe Mannix : [opens his car door]  Hop in. Let's have that cup of coffee.

    [Vane nods and gets into the passenger seat of Mannix's car] 

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