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Will A Mobster's Daughter Turn On Him?
ccthemovieman-117 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This was another good episode, thanks in large part to a character who turned out to be not what she first appeared. I am speaking of "Lucy Hinder," played seductively by Christine White.

Lucy is the daughter of mobster "Sam Hinder," and she's Sam's secret: "the only good thing in my life and that I've ever done," he tells Det. Frank Ballinger who discovers the girl in a prim-and-proper girls boarding school in ritzy Lake Forest "where even the air is expensive," according to Ballinger (Lee Marvin.).

Our cop hero is doing everything he can to nail Hinder, a man responsible for a double murder recently, one of whom was a cop and a friend of Frank's.

Lucy, it turns out, is the key to Ballinger getting the goods on Hinder. How it happens is interesting and White is fascinating to watch. She was in her mid '20s when she filmed this episode and acted for another 20 years before calling it quits. White is somewhat well-known as a good buddy of famous actor James Dean.

Jacques Aubuchon plays "Sam," and he's good in this episode, too. Like Christine, Sam acted mostly in television shows.
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It is in the Genes
gordonl568 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
M-SQUAD – Family Portrait -1957

This is episode 13 of the 1957 to 1960 Crime series, M-SQUAD. The series ran for 117 episodes and features Lee Marvin as the headliner. Marvin is a Lt with the elite M-Squad unit of the Chicago Police.

Underworld stool pigeon, Sid Melton, contacts M-Squad with an offer of info on drug lord, Jacques Aubuchon. He arranges a meet with Police Lt Lee Marvin. Marvin and fellow M-Squad Lt, Ron Hayes wait at the spot but Melton is a no show. Marvin decides to stick around and wait. He sends Hayes to check Melton's flat.

When Hayes gets to Melton's place, he finds the reason for the no show. Melton is hanging from the roof light fixture. As Hayes is looking around the apartment, Aubuchon henchman, Walter Manslow steps out of the shadows and shoots Hayes dead.

Needless to say the boys in blue are upset with this series of events. They lay into Aubuchon and his gang but really have no proof he ordered the killings. Marvin decides he will keep close tabs on the gangster for a while. He moves into the same apartment building even. Everywhere Aubuchon goes, Marvin follows. The gangster soon finds the constant shadowing is getting rather annoying.

Aubuchon manages to shake Marvin's tail one morning and speeds off in his car. Marvin traces his phone calls and soon has an idea on Aubuchon's location. Marvin drives to said location, which turns out to be a finishing school for young ladies.

Marvin finds that Aubuchon has a just under 20 year old daughter (Christine White) at the school. The gangster has been keeping White away from the "business" end of his life. He wants a good girl for a daughter. He visits once a week to make sure White is OK.

Marvin soon finds that White is anything but a "good girl" when she puts the moves on him. Needless to say this leads to plenty of violence and death.

This is a pretty good episode with funny man Melton in a serious role for a change.

Of note for noir fans is screenplay writer, Larry Marcus. Marcus supplied the stories for, BACKFIRE, DARK CITY and CAUSE FOR ALARM. (b/w)
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