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The Usual Episode
Desertman8421 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Side by Side/A Fish Out of Water/Rub Me Tender is the 20th episode of the seventh season of The Love Boat.The actors and actresses appearing on it are Rossie Harris,Glynis Johns,Ed Begley Jr.,Mary Crosby,Nita Talbot,Fred Grandy and Mandy Perryment.

Once again,the Pacific Princess goes into another interesting cruise.A teenager named Toby Miles is together with his grandmother Edna Miles.Toby has been very much worried about her declining health.Meanwhile,marine life specimens are being held in cargo towards the Oceanic Institute located in Cabo San Lucas.An awkward passenger named Allan Bundy meets an unusual woman,while checking it out.Finally,Mary who happens to be a ship's masseuse and manicurist quits that prompted Gopher to hire Dorrie,who happens to be a masseuse as well.Unfortunately,Gopher doesn't have time to tell the Captain,who falls for her.

Too bad that the stories in this episode could be described as mediocre as compared to their usual episodes.Added to that,it was also evident that these stories have already been told in the past episodes of past seasons.
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brenjfoster9 January 2020
Just saw this episode and the references to Splash seemed so blatant. It turns out it aired the day after Splash premiered. There must have been a tie-in but I don't recall seeing it happen between any other tv show and a newly released film any other time.
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