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This "Love Boat" episode is classic!
jseay-315 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This episode represents "Love Boat" at its finest: It was truly funny. It had an air of silliness that the show lost in later seasons, when it became laden with melodrama and its sets, costumes and the entire "feel" of the show took on the glamorous air of "Dynasty." Big mistake, but I digress.

Favorite scenes: When John Ritter's love interest accidentally falls overboard, he jumps in after her. A hilarious, unexpected turn of events to be sure; but also interesting in that the production actually filmed stunt doubles going overboard, on location, from the Pacific Princess (probably while docked in port, though). It was this extra step to make the production more realistic ... from soundstage to "on location" ... that makes the sequence really pop.

Also, Sherman Hemsley and LaWanda Page (a bickering husband and wife) who get into an argument on one of the ship's elevators. He wanted to go up, she wanted to go down. Both Hemsley and Page were in classic form. Every time one of them made a point in the argument, the corresponding elevator button was pushed, resulting in an electrical short circuit and a stalled elevator. Hi-jinx ensue as they try to escape, and then make up.
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This episode hurt my brain!
wesleyprang24 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Couple 1: I'm spending your money on this cruise, but I'm going to complain about you having to work because everything should be free! Then I'll ask you to join me when you obviously can't. And finally, I'll storm off because the ship DARES to leave before you can walk me to my cabin!!!!!!

Couple 2: Where were you when I was busy destroying our marriage?! Um...here on this ship? I'm a Cruise Director, not a Marriage Counselor!

Couple 3: You want a ticket? Sure! Just put on this dress, and we'll spend the next week pretending you're a woman!
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John Ritter And Jaclyn Smith Appears In It
Desertman8421 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A Tasteful Affair/Oh, Dale!/The Main Event is the 2nd episode of the first season of Love Boat. This is definitely one of the best episode they have.No question about it.The guest stars include John Ritter,Tovah Feldshuh,Sherman Hemsley, LaWanda Page,Dennis Cole and Jaclyn Smith.

It involves three subplots that includes a man who wants to win back his former girlfriend who dumped him.He followed her in the cruise but he later found out that the only passenger cabin left is a two- female passenger room.This prompt him to dress in a drag and poses a woman.Another subplot includes a quarreling couple that were trapped inside the elevator.Finally,there is another story wherein a business tycoon hires a detective for investigate his wife if she is having an affair.

John Ritter was definitely fantastic as the man who wanted to win his girlfriend back.He was definitely funny when posing a woman as he was definitely authentic and provides great acting. It was also montage of the role that he played in Three's Company.

Also,we get to see Jaclyn Smith and Dennis Cole as the wife and the business tycoon respectively.It is nice to see Jaclyn being the one investigated after she becomes involved in a successful women's detective show,Charlie's Angels.Also,she would be married to the man who portrayed her husband after this episode.

With Ritter and Smith appearing in it,this was definitely one of the best episodes of the show.
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