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The Good-Or-Not-So-Good Doctor
ccthemovieman-128 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Like a number of these episodes over the years, they tend to have an overly-dramatic and too sudden confession at the end to wrap up each case. Of course, a main reason for that is time constraints. You have to wrap up the hour-long program, which usually runs about 40 minutes plus commercials. I only mention it because the bulk of the program is usually far more intelligent with a lot of twists and turns.

The ending here is overdone when the father of the guilty woman makes statements and acts so stupidly, to go along with the story, that it's simply an insult to the viewer's intelligence. Nobody would say the things he said here in the last two minutes! Before that, we get an intriguing story about a surgeon who claims to be doing all of this work in Guatemala, but obviously is doing it in New York. Later, it's questioned whether she's doing it at all, that maybe her lowly assistant is the actual surgeon! Is that possible? Whatever the case, people are being scammed and nice, young woman has died because of all these shenanigans. That's the tragic part of the story, which we witness in the beginning of the show.

Samantha Mathis is interesting as "Dr. Christine Ansel." Mathis is an interesting person, too, according to her bio here and her resume. In her 20-year professional acting career, she did television for the first five, movies for the next five and then back to the TV for the last 10.

Meanwhile, Chris Noth continues to impress as "Det. Logan," with a few good remarks and a nice, no-nonsense approach. Yes, I'd prefer "Det. Goren," but Logan's not bad. The biggest difference with this new team, which substitutes here and there, is the female half of the partnership. "Det. Barack" doesn't seem to have the personality and quick wit of "Det. Eames."
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I am sick of hearing his name!
CeccacciPaolo197718 September 2017
A middle aged cute woman (Samantha Mathis) performs surgeries for poor immigrants. Or, at least, she'd like to do it. Unfortunately she's not able to do that because she doesn't even manage to fit needle in a pencil (not even turning sheets). That's because she's got an eye illness, but she's a first lady in a foundation bearing his family name and she HAS TO be a surgeon. What a pity life, living under his deceased brother's shadow. The truth is not to be uncovered and eventually murdered occurred.

Det. Barek has got outstanding skills, she can figure out difference between Spanish dialect: "You don't know that because you're from Nicaragua. I hear it in your voice". Amazing!
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