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Anthony Zerbe and Howard da Silva
kevinolzak28 July 2010
This episode is the only one to feature the Hutterites, a pacifistic Christian sect similar to the Amish, who fled West from Ohio to escape religious persecution. Their leader is Otto Schulz (Howard da Silva), who insists that no man may raise a hand to another, stoically accepting their circumstances despite the locals regarding them with disdain. A local rancher, Jim Davidson (Jock Mahoney), objects to the 'Hoots' allowing their sheep to drink from the same, lone watering hole that his cattle drink, under the mistaken belief that the disease that plagues some of their sheep will also affect his stock. Sheriff Byrd (Rance Howard) offers his protection to the 'Hoots,' but Otto decides it best that the entire clan move elsewhere. Paul Klempt (Anthony Zerbe) decides to head into town to try to reason with the locals and help them understand who he is, but is treated rudely, his beard shaved off simply for their amusement. Caine helps them to understand that, though they may not strike back at their oppressors, they may take away their stick. One small trivia note: Caine gives to Gretchen (Laurie Prange) the flute he started playing in episode 17 "The Assassin," after carving a new one for himself. Rance Howard was the father of Ron Howard, and Jock Mahoney, former Tarzan and stunt man, was the stepfather of Sally Field, having been married to her mother Margaret during the 1950s.
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Just passing through!!!
elo-equipamentos1 November 2017
Caine continues his long journey to finds his brother and always passing through by some interesting places and different people,this turn he meeting a weird religious people called Hoots,Amish alike,once more he has to help this peaceful kind against the cattle whose are afraid that their rams infecting the water hole which allowed to cattle only,the cast has some famous names as Jock Mahoney,Anthony Zerbe and the old Howard da Silva!!!


First watch: 1975 / How many: 2 / Source: TV-DVD / Rating: 7.5
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