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Twists and Turns
gordonl5614 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
JOHNNY RINGO "Posse" 1959

JOHNNY RINGO was a western series that ran for 38 episodes during 1959-60. The series starred Don Durant as the title character with Karen Sharpe, Mark Goddard and Terence De Marney as series regulars. The series follows Durant, (Ringo) a former gunfighter who decides to go straight. He becomes the Sheriff in the small town of Velardi in the Arizona Territory. The series was one of several (Rifleman, Wanted Dead or Alive, Shotgun Slade) with a "gimmick gun". Durant carries a special LeMat revolver equipped with a shotgun barrel under the six gun barrel. This episode is the 6th episode of the series.

Sheriff Don Durant and his Deputy, Mark Goddard, are standing outside the Sheriff's office talking. A man, Richard Devon, comes riding hard and stops at the office. Devon knows Durant from years before when they rode together. Devon tells Durant that he wants to be arrested. Durant figures it is all a joke, that is, till Devon grabs up a rock and throws it through the window of the shop next door.

After locking Devon up, Durant asks what the hell is going on. Durant says there are some men after him that want to kill him. Now, three men, led by Walter Sande hit town. They are looking for Devon. They say that they are part of a posse looking for Devon on a charge of murder. Durant tells the men they will need to wait till the Federal Marshall shows before they can take him.

Sande and company hit the saloon and start buying drinks for the locals. They soon have the local yokels bombed and calling for a lynching. Rope is soon produced and 30 or so men head for the jailhouse. The men are soon pounding on the jailhouse door with a pole as a battering ram. Durant decides that he will need to sneak Devon out the back and stash him elsewhere.

While all this is going on, Sande and his men are using the cover of the racket raised by lynch mob, to rob the local bank. They are interrupted by the elderly guard, Carter DeHaven. A pistol butt to the head of DeHaven ends this distraction.

Durant by this time figures it is time to bolt with Devon, and heads out the back to the horses. Sande and company are there waiting. Now we find out that Devon is a member of the bank robbery gang. His job was to decoy the townsfolk. Iron of course is pulled with Durant surprising Sande and his cohorts with his special pistol. Devon survives and hotfoots it, but not for far. The elderly guard, DeHaven, has regained his senses and clobbers Devon as he runs by.

With Devon back in jail, Durant chews out the town people for being talked into a lynching mood. The people rather sheepishly wander off to their homes.

A nicely done episode with more than a few twists and turns. B-film man, John English handles the direction making it all look easy.
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