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Joe Mantegna: Will Girardi


  • Will Girardi : Hey, it's 4:30. You're not suited up.

    Kevin Girardi : I'll suit up at the gym. I got time.

    Will Girardi : You'll get benched.

    Kevin Girardi : Henderson pulled a groin muscle. Nobody else to carry the ball.

    Will Girardi : That's your work ethic?

    Kevin Girardi : Dad, it's football. It's not even my sport. Baseball, I give 110%.

    Will Girardi : So you skim off the top elsewhere? What kind of a man are you? The point is, you sign up to play, you give it everything.

    Kevin Girardi : Can I get the abbreviated lecture? You're gonna make me late.

    Will Girardi : You're already late, and this is not how I raised you to think.

    Kevin Girardi : You've been on me all day.

    Will Girardi : Yeah, well, that's my job.

    Helen Girardi : [entering]  What's wrong now?

    Will Girardi : This is between me and Kevin.

  • Will Girardi : The night of the accident, it was homecoming weekend. Kevin and I had been sniping at each other all day. He was walking out the door and I said "You're gonna get your ass kicked, and I'm looking forward to it." That's the last thing I said to my son before he was paralyzed.

    Lieutenant Lucy Preston : So, you're guilty of being human.

    Will Girardi : It was a horrible thing to say.

    Lieutenant Lucy Preston : People say horrible things to each other all the time. Saying it didn't make the accident happen. As my ex-husband was going out the door, I yelled after him "And I hope your..."

    [she pantomimes a karate chop] 

    Lieutenant Lucy Preston : Kind of a John Bobbitt moment there, you know? You know, when you get mad, you go for the weak spot. I really think you can let yourself off the hook here, Will.

  • Will Girardi : Are you coming to bed?

    Helen Girardi : Eventually.

    Will Girardi : Good game tonight. He broke some nice tackles. He called from the party. He'll be back by midnight.

    [awkward silence] 

    Will Girardi : I'm trying to let him grow up, Helen.

    Helen Girardi : I don't want to argue with you. Go to bed.

    Will Girardi : I'm worried about his attitude. He acts like there's a free ride waiting for him.

    Helen Girardi : He's a good-looking, athletic kid. There's nothing wrong with him enjoying that.

    Will Girardi : He relies on it. That's not how the world works. And aren't we supposed to prepare him for the world?

    Helen Girardi : Oh, that's only part of the job. Do you think you might be resentful because he has some things that you didn't?

    Will Girardi : Excuse me? Resentful of my own son?

    Helen Girardi : You are all over him. Nothing is good enough. Talk about letting him grow up. How's he supposed to do that with you breathing down his neck?

    Will Girardi : My job is to turn him into a man, period.

    Helen Girardi : What kind of man? A man who hates his father?

    Will Girardi : I'm gonna take a shower.

    Helen Girardi : Yeah, you do that.

    Will Girardi : I don't forgive that statement.

    Helen Girardi : I'm not asking you to.

  • Will Girardi : [doing sit-ups in the bedroom]  Okay, this time I mean it.

    Helen Girardi : You're gonna start running again.

    Will Girardi : I'm gonna set my alarm for 5:30.

    Helen Girardi : Not in this bedroom, you're not.

    Will Girardi : Well, you want me to get old and fat?

    Helen Girardi : As long as you do it with me.

  • Will Girardi : I'm gonna invite Lucy to dinner. I was thinking Friday.

    [seeing Helen's look] 

    Will Girardi : Well, that's what you do, Helen. You invite the boss over. We had Roebuck over. That's what you do. I-I mean if Friday's a big problem...

    Helen Girardi : It's not the day. It's the person.

    Will Girardi : Well, maybe you could meet her before you fully commit to hating her.

    Helen Girardi : So after I feed her, then I can hate her?

    Will Girardi : With complete abandon.

  • Will Girardi : Hey, we're home! Something smells good.

    Helen Girardi : Any more garlic, the paint would peel.

    Will Girardi : Lucy Preston, my boss. Helen Girardi, my other boss.

  • Will Girardi : [after dinner with his boss]  Did you like her?

    Helen Girardi : Like her? Well, she's me.

    Will Girardi : She's you?

    Helen Girardi : Yeah, if I were shorter, political, and didn't have, you know, a soul.

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