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Lame but watchable.
mm-3919 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Well the military base stuff is cool. We got a mystery with a nuclear test that will spell Doomsday for the earth. The story is good we find out the plot twist of why the general is helping destroy the earth. The effects, fights, and ending is very 1960's. Huge plot hole, of how the suicide mission general did not destroy the earth just by moving the anti matter bomb. Still okay 6 stars.
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Tense and explosive episode!
andrew-huggett25 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Excellent, thrilling and fast-moving episode. Essentially, the story of a general who is tricked into helping the aliens set-up an anti-matter bomb which will cause the earth to shift off its axis. The idea being that the blame will fall on a conventional nuclear text explosion that is due to happen at the same time causing (so the general thinks) an end to the danger of nuclear war. Of course there's a more sinister outcome intended but the episode does not really make it clear what that is (unless I've missed something) … A very good episode marred slightly by the rather conventional small explosion when the anti-matter bomb actually goes off (it seems to be suggested that the earth-tilting effects of this device are only felt when it's placed a few metres under ground, but that's rather difficult to swallow when you see the resulting small explosion!).
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