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Rickles is Billigerent, Caustic and Funny.
thejcowboy227 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
My friend Steve and I would listen to comedy records. Mainly the funny adventures of Bill Cosby. The appeal of Cosby was that he was an excellent story teller layered with sound effects and priceless timing. Cosby rehashing his childhood days on the Street of Philadelphia. Cosby's first television role was" I Spy." Cosby plays a U.S. intelligence agent Alexander Scott under the guise of being a tennis instructor to his partner Kelly Robinson (Robert Kulp) who poses as a tennis pro. There duties have them travel around the globe and this time on the Iberia peninsula. Have train will travel through the Spanish countryside. Three lovely ladies and a Russian terrorist makes for an hour of intrigue and murder. Marrianna Hill and her white stockings steal the show especially when she is handcuffed to a bench. You wonder if Cosby drugged her first. Don Rickles who plays the domineering manager of the three ladies, badgers his female troop and is constantly complaining but is hysterical. Barbara McNair and Diahn Williams are the other lovelies in this episode. Sit back and see if the carnage can be stopped or if Don Rickles mouth can be stifled. Actor Michael Strong plays the heavy Russian killer in this episode. Cleverly Culp and Cosby conceal any traces of murder from the Spanish authorities. I enjoyed the train whistle which the editing dept used throughout this hour episode.
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