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  • Lucy has angled her way onto Ricky's special as the show's pitch girl. She advertises a medicine called "Vitameatavegamin." Believing it contains vitamins, minerals, meat, and vegetables, Lucy does not know is that it also contains twenty-three percent of alcohol.


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  • This episode opens on a lazy afternoon with Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) fixing Ricky's (Desi Arnaz) socks. Ricky is about to do a television show and is about to head to an rehearsal when he receives a phone call from his agent saying he must find a girl to do a commercial slated to air during the show. Lucy overhears the conversation and ask Ricky if she could be in the commercial only to be met with a prompt rejection. Soon after Ricky leaves, Fred (William Frawley) shows up seeing some work needs to be done in the Ricardos' apartment due to the absent Ethel (Vivian Vance). Lucy explains to Fred about the television opportunity and enlist his help in her scheme, SHOW Ricky how wonderful she could be in the commercial. The plan backfires when Ricky plugs in the television set and nearly electrocutes Lucy. Ricky then becomes angry when he discovers she took out the chasie for the tv piece by piece instead of one piece, making for an expensive repair. With the couple not speaking, Ricky phones Fred to come to the apartment and relay a phone message for him to the girl he hired to do the commercial. Lucy overhears Fred and Ricky's conversation and once Ricky leaves, dismisses Fred, making it seem as though the couple IS speaking and covers up for overhearing the conversation by saying the location and time of the rehearsal is the same for all of Ricky's programs. Fred leaves and soon after, the actress phones and Lucy tells her that the role had be recast. It's later that afternoon and we are now a rehearsal for the commercial. The director and script clerk are discussing the product, a new tonic called Vitameatavegamin and discover it contains everything but the kitchen sink including 23% alcohol. Lucy comes out to do a rehearsal and, having never tasted the product before, has a less than desirable facial reaction for the director's liking. After several attempts and run throughs, each a big disaster then the one before with the star fumbling her lines with each taste and becoming more intoxicated, Lucy finally acquires a taste for the tonic and the alcohol content. After noticing his star has become aloof and out of sorts, the director becomes concerned, asking if she will be well enough to do the live taping for the commercial and invited her to rest until showtime. The moment of truth finally has arrived and the only problem is, the star of the commercial is no where to be found. Ricky is called to start the program and after an introduction to the show, burst into a song. Mid song, a now hungover Lucy is seen stumbling backstage and cast an adoring gaze at her husband from the wings and stumbles on stage to show some affection to her still singing man. Ricky resumes singing only to be joined by Lucy who sings nothing but jibberish and uses her time to say hi to her best friends, Fred and Ethel, and even does her tv commercial spot, slurred words and all. A mortified Ricky carries her offstage, fearing for the worse that his career is now over.

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