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Slow mover
gordonl5617 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
HONG KONG "The Innocent Exile"1961

Rod Taylor headlines this 1960-61 series as a newsman who is stationed in Hong Kong. Taylor is constantly in trouble with various shady types who are always involving him in their troubles. It usually takes several round of fisticuffs, a dead body or two and a gun battle before things get settled. This is the 25th episode in the production run.

Reporter Rod Taylor thinks he has latched onto a big story involving the ward of a deposed South American dictator. The ward, Susan Kohner is being pursued by Secret Police types from back home. The main nasty here is, Joe De Santis. De Santis is following Kohner because he is trying to get a lead on the ex-dictator, Jay Novello. Novello it seems skipped out with 10 million belonging to the country. The new government wants it back.

Our man, Taylor, is soon mixed up in a three way mess with Kohner, De Santis and Novello. Taylor's pal, Hong Kong Police Inspector, Lloyd Bochner, is soon involved as well. Taylor has fallen for the pretty Miss Kohner and tries to keep her hidden away from the other two.

There is soon a bit of rough and tumble and a kidnapping that has Taylor chasing first one side, and then the other. Of course Miss Kohner is rescued in the nick of time and the villains are soon under lock and key.

While not a waste of time, this one really has too much story for the run-time. This cuts down on the action, and that is why people watch this series.
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searchanddestroy-130 January 2013
That's the first episode I watch from this TV series. The only thing I may say about it is that's so...I would say boring. Talkative, action free. But maybe it would be unfair, because so many TV shows were on the same frame. So many. A detective investigates on a case around a lost statue...We have seen this a billion times before. If you are a Rod Taylor fan, OK But if not, forget it. I have all the episodes to watch...I will need courage, folks. So if any of you can send me some encouragement messages...

Help a poor soul, please....

Directed by Fletcher Markle. I will watch the other episodes, ONLY to see who the directors are. If any of my acquaitance, old timers from Hollywood, or newcomers and future greats on the big screen.

Gulps !
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