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Not one of the better Episodes
gordonl5616 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
HONG KONG "Love, Honor and Perish" 1961

Rod Taylor headlines this 1960-61 series as a newsman who is stationed in Hong Kong. Taylor is constantly in trouble with various shady types who are always involving him in their troubles. It usually takes several round of fisticuffs, a dead body or two and a gun battle before things get settled. This is the 24th episode in the production run.

Reporter Rod Taylor has just landed in Hong Kong on a flight from the States. Also on the flight is Joan Caulfield who is Hong Kong to meet her husband, Warren Stevens. The deal here is that Stevens had skipped out of Caulfield four years before and Caulfield wants to know why. Stevens is a no show but there is a note for her to go to a local hotel and wait.

The next thing the viewer sees is Caulfield lying on the floor of her room after a beating. Taylor, being the only person she knows in town, is soon called. Then the Hong Kong Police are called in for a look see. Turns out there is no US Embassy record of Caulfield's husband being in Hong Kong. A quick look at the Police files though turns Stevens up under another name. Steven is a noted smuggler of gold and such based across the bay in Macao.

Needless to say Taylor and Miss Caulfield end up in Macao up to their necks in trouble. Stevens is wanted by a rival gang for killing one of their members. The leader of this group is John Marley. There is now a whole series of flying fists, chairs and lead exchanged before the matter is closed. Stevens had called Caulfield so he could use her as cover for an escape. The swine however ends up suffering from a lead overdose.

This one really suffers from a rather slip-shod story and poor direction. It is the weakest episode of the series. The look of the episode though is really top rate with twice Oscar nominated cinematographer, Philip Lathrop at the controls. He also handled the lensing duties for 61 episodes of the popular series, PETER GUNN. Also in the cast are Aki Leong, Joseph Sargent and Joseph Ruskin.
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