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Excellent episode
Woodyanders15 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Hunter (a nicely flaky James Sikking) takes Fay (an endearing Barbara Bosson) out on a lunch date. Davenport (terrific work from Veronica Hamel) decides to identify Timothy Mullins (scary Fritz Turner) as the shooter she saw commit a murder only to have his brother William (an intense and intimidating portrayal by Jesse Goins) threaten her in front of Furillo (Daniel J. Travanti in typically splendid form). Daryl Ann (adorable Deborah Richter) informs Renko (a fine Charles Haid) that she's pregnant.

This episode makes a valid and provocative point about the importance of doing one's legal duties, with Davenport put in frightening and vulnerable position in which she might need the police to protect her from potential harm, but she still has to speak out because it's her job and responsibility as a lawyer to do so. Fay karate chopping a creep who pesters her at the station and Hunter's disastrous lunch date with her provide amusing comic highlights. Renko's dilemma with Daryl Ann shows some strong insight into his need to grow up and be more of an adult. This episode further benefits from neat guest contributions from Barry Corbin as hearty census taker Tasco, Jonelle Allen as the distraught Linda Talbot, George Wyner as the practical Bernstein, Jon Cypher as the ever smarmy Daniels, and Alan North as reluctant witness Krebs. Moreover, this episode stays fiercely true to this show's uncompromisingly gritty nature by having Furillo get relieved of his command as captain after he speaks too candidly at a botched press conference and going as far as to buy a bottle of booze at the very end.
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