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Sturdy episode
Woodyanders22 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Bates (an excellent Betty Thomas) tries to help out Cindy (a heartbreaking performance by Dominique Dunne), a troubled teenager who's afraid she might start hitting her baby just like her mother hits her. Councilman Detweiler (a marvelously oily Michael Fairman) threatens to use information on corrupt narc Mizell to thwart Chief Daniels' (a perfectly smarmy Jon Cypher) plans to run for mayor, so Furillo (Daniel J. Travanti, splendid as ever) advises Daniels to beat Detweiler to the punch by releasing said dirt on Mizell to the public. Meanwhile, Hill (likable Michael Warren) has his boil lanced, Renko (robustly played by Charles Haid) wins a turkey in a raffle, and Hunter (a pleasingly loopy James Sikking) clashes with his girlfriend Linda (a sound portrayal by Kathleen Lloyd) over her religious beliefs.

Director Bob Kelljan, working from a compelling script by Mark Frost, keeps the absorbing story moving at a swift pace and maintains a generally serious tone throughout. Hill's problem with his boil provides a few laughs while the whitewashing of Mizell's shameful past at his funeral service offers some neat insights into how people try to sugarcoat bitter pills in order to make them easier to swallow. However, it's the story about Cindy which makes the most potent and poignant punch here, as Dominique Dunne was tragically murdered by her abusive boyfriend before this episode was even aired (it's dedicated at the start to her memory).
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Fay is intolerable
polite-4569225 June 2019
Fay seems to produce nothing in her life except shrill, whining complaints about drama. Francis lacks the self-respect to cut her off from accessing his office all day with her trivialities.
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