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Against the Odds
hellraiser71 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Warning do not read unless seen episode.

This episode is another of my favorite episodes, it's pretty much Hercules doing "Assault on Precent 13". It's pretty much a siege battle but that's cool their my favorite kind of battles, it's always fun and gratifying to think that one or few can possibly overcome the odds and survive.

The only bad thing about the episode is I didn't care for the old man character, he was sort of just there to fill in space nor contribute to the story line. But that's the only blemish of the episode that is easy to overlook or even fast forward with the scenes with him. Other than that everything else is fine.

The female character that helps Herc and Iolius is solid, she kinda looks like Lucy Lawless but she's not; but she defiantly almost has that same feisty energy and is helpful, holds her own against danger.

The villain in the episode Goth is one you love to hate. Brion Thomson whom I remember as the Night Slasher leader in "Cobra" is really solid. It's kinda ironic he's in this episode if you remember part of the final battle near the end of "Cobra" which started out as a siege. But Goth is just a fun villain whom is just a barbarian in every sense of the word and has a lot of really memorable lines.

I really like the amount of suspense from the use of the darkness which really had this sense of unsettling intensity where you just know in the back of your mind any minute now something is about to go down and time is not on the side of the good guys. But most of all from the darkness and the barrenness of the abandoned fort it also has the shear feeling of isolation. Herc and Iolius are truly alone, sure they have fought against big odds before but this is different as it's an entire horde they have to deal with.

The action is great as usual, there are three really good battles. But two of the battles that are the true highlights were seeing Herc and Iolius fighting of the invading barbarians whom where just coming onto that fort left and right and both of them are just punching, kicking and throwing them off the fort like bar bouncers bouncing unruly drunks.

And of course the one on one between both Iolius and Goth. Where we see Goth is just goading Iolius and of course that was the match that lit the fuse and blew Iolius's power keg. I really liked the chirography in that fight it really looked like it could of gone either way, even see it get really dangerous as Goth is given an axe and you hoping Iolius will disarm him and still beat the crap out of him in his unarmed state.

Despite all the odds and weapons the horde has against both of them, there is one thing they don't have, and that is intelligence. Intelegence is the huge advantage they have over the horde as they easily fall for some of the oldest tricks in the book. It's also one of the best weapons both Herc and Iolius wield throughout this episode and the show; I like that it's a really good message in this episode which show the importance of being smart, it's not thinking with your muscle and weapons that will win but having a truly sharp and good mind which truly is the best weapon of all, and one that always wins against the odds.

Rating: 4 stars
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