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Oh, those Lovejoys!
MartinHafer10 December 2010
Andy Griffith and Joyce Van Patten play one of the nicest couples you will see on "Hawaii Five-O". Other than the fact that they are grifters who love swindling suckers, they are awfully good parents and are hard to hate. Unfortunately, during the course of one of their swindles, they accidentally steal mob money and their days on the Earth appear very, very limited! They now need to decide whether to work with Five-O or try their luck avoiding almost certain death.

I think one of the reasons this episode works so well is the casting. you just can't hate Griffith and Van Patten since they both usually played such nice people and looked so wholesome. In addition, the show seemed a bit lighter and more of a sense of humor tan usual--resulting in a nice change of pace that's worth seeing.
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The family that cons together, stays together!
garrard13 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Fresh from his eight-year stint as good-guy sheriff "Andy Taylor" on his legendary self-titled comedy series, Andy Griffith plays a character on the other side of the legal coin, the patriarch in a family of con artists. The trio runs afoul of some Hawaiian mobsters and find themselves in deadly peril and eventually depend on McGarrett and company to get them out of their precarious predicament.

The entire episode is played for laughs with even the deaths of three hoods having a bit of macabre humor.

Morton Stevens, as always rises, to the occasion musically by creating a whimsical score to compliment the on-screen action.

Prior to the production of this episode, it was announced that both Griffith and Carol Burnett would be appearing in it. For some reason, Burnett didn't appear and the wife's role fell to Joyce Van Patten, sister of Dick. She does admirably in the part, holding her own with the more experienced Griffith.

The episode also features Harold Sakata, famous to Bond fans as "Oddjob" from "Goldfinger." His appearance is another bonus to one of the best in the show's run.
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Andy Griffith Circa 1970s.
Resurgum26 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Andy Griffth is the patriarch of a grifter family that accidentally rips off the mob. A very interesting episode that is funny, but also has a well played bad guy. A Cadillac is blown up in impressive fashion in this one. A door is given the St. Valentine's Day massacre treatment. The child actor also did a solid job playing the Lovejoy's pride and joy. I like how you could tell that McGarret liked the Lovejoys even though they are crooks.I saw this episode for the first time today on MeTV and it's an episode I could watch over and over again.

Andy Griffith in the 1970s, Joyce Van Patten playing his wife, an episode with some real humor, gotta love it.
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Weak, in All Areas
samwa-2731127 July 2019
Firstly, it's impossible for a 5-O episode, to have a light, or somewhat humorous element.

It's a very serious show. I've seen all 259 episodes.

Absolutely, miscasting Andy Griffith, especially within just a few years of the end of the Andy Griffith show.

It does not look appropriate, to have such a legendary, moral character, play a criminal, and cheapens his image, greatly.

Script wonders around, changes.

Van Patten is all right, but becomes so angry at the daughter, almost maniacal.

Absolutely far fetched, that McGarrett is so lenient with the Lovejoys, and twice.

Totally unbelievable.

He never has done this.

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