"Hawaii Five-O" I'm a Family Crook - Don't Shoot! (TV Episode 1972) Poster

Andy Griffith: Arnold Lovejoy


  • Arnold Lovejoy : [Pretending to be an attorney]  Ladies, this is your lucky day.

  • Rhoda Lovejoy : Well, Mr. Lovejoy... Can I pick a mark, or can I pick a mark?

    Arnold Lovejoy : [Counting the money]  Mrs. Lovejoy, honey... Your instincts are pure gold.

  • Rhoda Lovejoy : [to her daughter]  A few more like today, and you'll to to college.

    Arnold Lovejoy : Well, why not a few more now, today?... It's still early.

  • Rhoda Lovejoy : Oh, Arnold... I think we're gonna love Hawaii.

    Arnold Lovejoy : Oh, yeah!

  • Arnold Lovejoy : [Rhoda is setting up the next con]  You got a mark?

    Rhoda Lovejoy : Oh... A beauty.

  • Arnold Lovejoy : [Rhoda is excited about finding the money, and is naming different colleges to send her daughter]  Wait a minute, Wait a minute... Before you get to Bryn Mawr, look at that.

    [Arniold is holding up a pair of brass knuckles] 

  • Arnold Lovejoy : [Arnold and Rhoda don't want to cooperate with McGarrett]  The first rule: No deals with cops.

  • Arnold Lovejoy : Mr. McGarrett, we're small potatoes... You know that.

  • Charlie Walters : [Charlie has Arnold on the phone, and wants to meet with him]  I wanna make a deal... You got something of mine, I got something of yours... So we'll trade.

    Arnold Lovejoy : What do you mean "you got something of mine" ?

    Melissa Lovejoy : [Melissa comes on the line]  Mommy? Daddy?

  • Rhoda Lovejoy : [Arnold show up at the hotel, and Charlie is waitng for them]  Now what?... We can't get the money... No money,, no ship.

    Arnold Lovejoy : We'll just have to work for it now... Come on!

    Rhoda Lovejoy : [She turns to Melissa]  Mommy and Daddy have to go to work... You know where you' re going...

    Melissa Lovejoy : Double feature... With popcorn?

    Rhoda Lovejoy : G rating.

    Melissa Lovejoy : PG

    Rhoda Lovejoy : OH, DON'T ARGUE!

  • Charlie Walters : [Afther Che runs a check of the money, and it is marked]  That's yours not mine!... Hot money you brought in here to frame me!... Look, the rest of this is mine, but not this... This is theirs!

    Det. Steve McGarrett : He's offering you a bribe, Arnold... What do you say?

    Arnold Lovejoy : That;s your money, Mr. Walters... all of it. that's the money we took from Frank Butrell and brought to you... We'll testify to that.

    Rhoda Lovejoy : You see, Charlie... It doesn't pay to mess with Errol Flynn.

  • Det. Steve McGarrett : Do you promise to leave Hawaii, and never come back?

    Melissa Lovejoy : [after a long delay]  We promise

    Rhoda Lovejoy : Yeah, we promise.

    Arnold Lovejoy : [Hesitatingly]  We promise.

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