"Hawaii Five-O" I'm a Family Crook - Don't Shoot! (TV Episode 1972) Poster

Bob Basso: Charlie Walters


  • Charlie Walters : [to Butrell]  YOU LOST A HUNDRED GRAND?... WHAT ARE YOU GIVING ME?

    Frank Butrell : Not lost, Charlie... I was - - I was conned, I was scammed... look, these people... A kid, a woman, and a guy dressed like a cop.

  • Frank Butrell : [Trying to explain how he lost the money]  It was a con!... I swear to you, Charlie!

    Charlie Walters : [Pulling a gun]  Yeah, I know... A woman,

    [He fires a shot] 

    Charlie Walters : ... A kid,

    [He fires another shot] 

    Charlie Walters : ... And a guy dressed like a cop.

    [He fires a third shot, and Frank falls over dead] 

  • Willie : [after Charlie kills Butrell]  Charlie, what if he's telling the truth?

    Charlie Walters : Then I made a terrible mistake.

  • Det. Steve McGarrett : [McGarrett shows up at Charlie's house, wanting to know about Frank Butrell]  Let's talk about Frank Butrell.

    Charlie Walters : Oh, what about Frank?

    Det. Steve McGarrett : Game time, Charlie?

    Charlie Walters : Well... You don't play, you don't win... What cards are you holding, McGarrett?

    Det. Steve McGarrett : We know Frank came here yesterday at 4:00, without the bag... And what's left of Frank was found in Ke'ehi Lagoon this morning... What happened, Charlie?... He double-cross you?

  • Charlie Walters : [McGarrett want's to know what happened to Frank Butrell]  Bag?... Double-cross?

    Det. Steve McGarrett : What else could account for three bullet holes in his fancy shirt?

    Charlie Walters : Oh,what a terrible thing to happen.

  • Charlie Walters : [after he slaps Shibata's guy around]  Now, give it to me straight... And no bull about a woman, a kid, and a guy dressed like a cop.

  • Charlie Walters : [to Willie after wiping out Shibata's gang]  Put it out on the cocomut wireless. I give a G... A big one, to anyone who fingers them.

  • Charlie Walters : [to Arnold on the phone]  So, we finally meet, Mr. Lovejoy... It seems we have mutual acquantainces in the shipping business.

  • Charlie Walters : [Charlie has Arnold on the phone, and wants to meet with him]  I wanna make a deal... You got something of mine, I got something of yours... So we'll trade.

    Arnold Lovejoy : What do you mean "you got something of mine" ?

    Melissa Lovejoy : [Melissa comes on the line]  Mommy? Daddy?

  • Charlie Walters : [Arnold and Rhoda arrive at Charlie's house]  We've got some business, right?

  • Charlie Walters : [Arnold opens the brief case, and Charlie looks inside]  Looks alright... But "looks" ain't "is".

  • Charlie Walters : [to Arnold and Rhoda as McGarrett and Five-O show up at Charlie's house]  You pukey little double-crossers, I otta - !

  • Charlie Walters : [McGarrett and Five-O barge into Charlie;s office]  What now, McGarrett... A ticket for overtme parking?

    Det. Steve McGarrett : [McGarrett sees the money on Charlie's desk]  It looks like you could afford it, Charlie.

    Charlie Walters : Nice, isn't it... I've been saving ever since I was a kid.

  • Charlie Walters : [Afther Che runs a check of the money, and it is marked]  That's yours not mine!... Hot money you brought in here to frame me!... Look, the rest of this is mine, but not this... This is theirs!

    Det. Steve McGarrett : He's offering you a bribe, Arnold... What do you say?

    Arnold Lovejoy : That;s your money, Mr. Walters... all of it. that's the money we took from Frank Butrell and brought to you... We'll testify to that.

    Rhoda Lovejoy : You see, Charlie... It doesn't pay to mess with Errol Flynn.

  • Charlie Walters : [as he is being arrested]  You set me up, McGarrett!... This is entrapment... I'm entitled to - I wanna talk to my lawyer!

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