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Creative Neurosis on the Prairie
gary-6465925 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is something of a tour de force performance by Beau Bridges of a well-written character, showing so much more versatility than younger brother Jeff the movie star, who is much more of a known quantity whatever the role in relying more on the impact of his screen "presence".

In this Beau, so often the spoilt heir to the ranch or extrovert, plays an emotionally disturbed guitar virtuoso obsessed with preserving his father's guitar -- enough to kill for it. Striving to get through life drifting and playing at saloons for food and drinks, the gifted musician is able to sustain an easy-going air until threatened and then, by the lights of others unattached to guitars, loses his sense of proportion. His many changes of mood are realistically and intensely portrayed.

Doc Adams refers to his sickness which they know not enough about at this point in history -- but the diagnosis comes too late anyway.
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The story did not come across well on the screen
kfo94942 April 2013
This episode started out well enough with some interesting facets and characters. But then the story began slowing down to the point of nearly making a snooze-fest of the entire episode. It never gain any interest that would keep people watching.

At the beginning a young rider named Jason comes up on a farm and ask a man if he can water his horse. The man then starts making fun of Jason's guitar to the point where Jason stabs him dead when the man tries to damage the instrument. While Jason digs a grave he hears some riders, which will later find out are Jack and Dan, coming up on the farm. So Jason flees and travels into Dodge.

In Dodge, Jason plays his guitar for the people at the Long Branch where we learn that Jason has a near psychotic love for the guitar since it use to belong to his father. That is near the time that the two riders, Jack and Dan come into the Long Branch to do some drinking.

Later Jack and Dan are arrested by Matt and in their belongings is a twenty dollar gold piece that the dead man use to have around his neck. They tell Matt that the guy was already dead when they took the gold piece off of him but Matt finds that hard to believe.

When Jason hears that the two are arrested for a crime he committed, he breaks them out of jail. But when Dan and Jack want to know why Jason helped them escape they begin to put two-and-two together. With Matt search for all three, it will only be a short time before someone has to pay a price.

The plot was not that bad but for some reason just did not play well on the screen. There was little entertainment value in the story that just seemed to go on forever. With many good episode in the 11th season, there has to be a few disappointments along the way.
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