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This episode needed more action and less dialog
kfo949425 June 2013
This episode begins after five former CSA war vets have robbed the Dodge bank and are on the run in the prairie. The five consist of four harden bandits and a younger man, Pryor, that seems skittish which in turns makes the other villains upset. Pryor always feels like Marshal Dillon is following the gang which leads the others to think that he maybe working for the Marshal. But with his shooting ability the gang puts their thoughts aside and place their faith in the young Pryor.

While on the run the gang runs across an abandon wagon that has US Cavalry uniforms. They put on the uniforms and enter a local town advising that the Indians are on the warpath and the citizens need to flee. Their plan is robbing the bank.

A nice story with a fine cast. The only part of the episode that just did not seem real was the uneventful ending. I just do not believe that a person that has robbed banks all over the west would drop his gun, without incident, at the request of a person that will surely send him to the gallows. Need more action and less dialog.
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