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  • Mildred is taking driving lessons from an elderly neighbour but wants to keep it secret from George so she says she is going to Keep Fit class. When Ann accidentally lets slip that the Keep Fit class has finished George suspects Mildred of having an affair and, taking advice from Jeffrey, attempts to be more romantic with her. A misunderstanding arises when the supposed lover comes to the Ropers' house but all is resolved as Mildred passes her test. Jeffrey has to stand in for a poorly Tristram on his paper round.


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  • George (Brian Murphy) wants to write a slogan within a breakfast cereal brand contest but Mildred (Yootha Joyce) laughs about his efforts. George ends up damaging the cereal box and spilling all the cereal in the floor. Meanwhile, Mildred is learning to drive with Mr Bowles (Robert Raglan) in secret, because she knows that if George hears about it he'll want to teach her.

    George sees Mildred in a car with another man. Jeffrey Fourmoile (Norman Eshley) admonishes on how to woo Mildred again. George takes Mildred out to see Emmanuelle, and then he takes her to a cheap fish'n'chip restaurant where the waiter (Harry Fowler) does not do things very well. Mildred has to clear their own table. Next morning, George feels terrible because of the food.

    Tristram (Nicholas Bond-Owen) needs more money, so he is going to deliver newspapers on bike because Jeffrey won't give him any more money without effort.

    As the following day is pouring down with rain, the driving instructor goes to pick Mildred up, so the cat is out of the bag for George. A fun moment happens when George thinks that Mr Bowles' name is Steve McQueen, whom Mildred had praised while talking about the films she wanted to see. As Tristram has got a temperature, it's Jeffrey who has to deliver the newspapers at a hellish day at 6 in the morning. He gets so pissed off and wet that he confuses all the subscriptors' newspaper and will give more money to Tristram.

    Mildred passes her driving examinations and George offers to give her the Jaguar he has won at the slogan contest, but its' a toy car.

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