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Monica and Chandler are going to live together!
Lady_Targaryen29 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Phoebe insists that Ross loves Rachel, and Ross tells Phoebe that he didn't ask the annulment of his and Rachel's marriage. Phoebe doesn't agree with the situation, but Ross makes her promise to keep this secret for a while.

Ross' lawyer advices him to do therapy because of his divorce issues and tells Ross that Rachel needs to be present for the annulment,making Ross stays in a terrible situation, since he told Rachel that he asked the annulment.

Chandler and Monica are nervous to tell Joey and Rachel about Chandler moving to Monica's house. Joey stays upset when Chandler tells him that he is going to live with Monica, but Rachel thinks that they three will live in Monica's house. When Monica tells Rachel that only Monica and Chandler are going to live in the house, Rachel accepts without any problem, making Monica think that Rachel doesn't care about their friendship(Specially because Joey stayed very upset to know that Chandler will move).

Rachel tells Monica that she doesn't cry because she doesn't believe that Chandler and Monica are in fact going to live together, but Monica tells her that it is going to happen for real.
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The One Where Monica And Chandler Move In Together...
taylorkingston31 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I love this episode. It's so good. It's one of my favorite episodes. Mainly because Rachel is quite stupid in it.

In this episode, Monica and Chandler decide it's time for them to move in together. They mean, in Monica's apartment, just them, no one else. When they tell Rachel, she automatically assumes that they are all going to be living there. I feel bad for her, because she didn't even figure it out. Monica tries to work up the courage to tell Rachel how it's actually going to work. And when she does, Monica is crushed that Rachel isn't more upset. Monica was expecting tears and hugs and lots of things like that. But Rachel was quite fine. Joey, on the other hand, was deeply crushed. He was so sad. But Rachel wasn't sad because she doesn't think it will actually happen, and that they'll back out. When Monica assures her that they will be moving in together, Rachel gets upset and starts crying. Ross decides to get the annulment because people think he's still in love with Rachel. When he goes to get their marriage annulled, he finds out that Rachel needs to be there, to sign papers. Of course she would. I can't believe she was stupid enough to believe that Ross got it on his own. So, he needs to tell her the truth. When he goes to tell her, Rachel is upset, so instead of telling her, Ross just gives her a hug instead.

Overall, I give this episode a 10 out of 10.
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The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel
ComedyFan201017 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I love the scene where Ross tells Phoebe that he didn't get the annulment. He looks almost crazy in it the way he talks

I also like how Phoebe gets those three girls tell Ross that him having three divorces would not stop them from dating him

And the scene where he talks to his divorce lawyer is perfect. The dialogue is great

The sad thing is that Chandler is now moving in with that witch and the whole Chandler/Joey fun will not appear that often. And in this episode she again confesses that from now on she will control him. I felt bad for Joey but the nicknames that he was inventing for him and Chandler were just great.

And I also felt sorry for Rachel. Both because she now has to move because of someone else's relationship and because her "best friend" is the nasty Monica who even wanted Rachel to feel bad
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