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A truly brilliant finale
paul-103827 February 2007
A truly brilliant finale for a hilariously brilliant show. Not only was it a very fitting ending to the show, it was also a very satisfying one that allows us to reflect upon the last 11 years of Frasier. They say all good things must come to an end and Frasier didn't miss its cue on the timing. Thank goodness they pulled the plug when this show was still top of its game as opposed to when the ratings dictate the fate. A must see for any true Frasier fan, with several touching moments and equally as many hilarious moments. In the context of the show and the way the finale has been made to reflect upon the past 11 years I happily rate this as a 10/10.
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Best American Comedy Show Ever!
paleytowers2 May 2008
I can't believe that it is 4 years since Frasier finished! I never get tired of watching the reruns. Frasier had it all. Fantastic cast and wonderfully scripted story lines. Some of the best episodes were the farce situations. I could have gone on watching the series forever and felt like I'd lost an old friend when it ended. It would be wonderful if sometime in the not too distant future, a special update episode could be aired showing where the characters are now, a few years later. Even one Christmas special episode each year would be a real treat. Hilarious, clever, touching, cringing, Frasier was brilliant! Definitely a truly wonderful show and sorely missed.
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What a Wedding
Hitchcoc7 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I would just ask you to watch and enjoy the first part of this. Frasier relates a story to a beautiful woman he meets on a plane to Chicago. We know who is in Chicago. But the story of Martin and Ronee's wedding and the subsequent trip to the veterinarian is about as amazing as anything I've seen. When Frasier walks out of the examination room with a little bundle in his arms, I just about fell off my chair. I can't ruin the moment. See it.
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